Mathematical Modeling

Emphasize the importance of computational skills by integrating them into your life science labs. With these two labs, students are provided with the experiment and the resources to help them build and work through experimental design and data analysis.

  PV92 PCR Informatics Kit
PV92 PCR Informatics Kit
C. elegans Behavior Kit
C. elegans Behavior Kit
This PCR based lab looks at the genetic variation in your own classroom! Use the Hardy-Weinberg equation to study genetic variation of a population.
The C. elegans Behavior Kit explores the idea of the genetic implications on an organism’s behavior. Analyze your data using a Chi Square analysis.
Ideal for Teachers who want to study human populations and include PCR and gel electrophoresis in their course Teachers who want to focus on animal behavior, neurobiology, or who have limited equipment
AP Alignment
Pedagogical Support
Class Sessions Complete student activities in three 45 minute lab sessions Complete student activities in two 45 minute lab sessions
Inquiry Type Structured, open-ended Structured
Required Equipment

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