Drug Discovery and Development

Bio-Rad offers products and services to accelerate the drug discovery and development journey, from target identification through scale-up to manufacturing. We understand that consistency, reproducibility, and reliability are critical to your research, so our products are developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We know that maintaining high productivity is a constant challenge, so our products are easy to use and designed to automate steps of your workflow, reducing hands-on time and freeing you to focus on your most critical tasks.

Drug Discovery and DevelopmentBio-Rad is ISO-certified with cGMP facilities set up to ensure our products meet the stringent requirements of regulatory agencies. We have experience working directly with the FDA and regularly assist our customers with audit requirements. We offer solutions that are customizable to fit perfectly with your needs in drug discovery, development, and manufacturing and help you drive efficiency in target identification, candidate screening, assay development, and protein or antibody production, from small scale to large scale.

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Solutions to Support Your Research from Target Discovery to Manufacturing

Stages of Drug Discovery and Development

Target Discovery: Identification and Validation
Identifying a potential drug target for a disease or condition for which no treatment exists or current therapies are inadequate

Preclinical Research
Animal studies plus cellular and biochemical assays to characterize the pharmacology of lead drug candidates including toxicity, PK/PD, ADME, and NOAEL

Process Development and Scale-Up
Production of increasing quantities of a candidate drug from discovery through development, trials, and approval

Lead Discovery: Screening and Optimization
Therapeutic lead identification and screening to determine biological activity, selectivity, toxicity, and mechanism of action

Clinical Research
Testing of a new drug candidate in humans to evaluate the safety and efficacy in treating or preventing a disease, dosing regimen, and side effects

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Release Testing
Large-scale manufacturing of a new drug, cGMP process control, product QC, and stability testing of the finished product

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Bio-Rad's Drug Discovery and Development Workflow Solutions

Learn how Bio-Rad's products align with your drug discovery and development workflows.

Additional Methodologies used in Drug Discovery and Development
  • Biochemical and Cellular Assays

    Biochemical and Cellular Assays
    In vitro and in vivo discovery approaches with high sample throughput and high-content analysis to characterize biological responses.

  • Biomarker Discovery

    Biomarker Discovery & Validation
    Biomarker monitoring across drug discovery, development, and clinical stages is key to defining drug effects.

  • Biologic Development

    Biologic Development
    Biologic development brings patients closer to personalized medicine to treat health problems.

  • Biosimilar Development

    Biosimilar Development
    Biosimilar development requires physicochemical and functional characterization to ensure similarity.

  • Cancer Immunotherapy Development

    Cancer Immunotherapy Development
    Learn about trends in cancer immunotherapy development, such as CAR-T, and tools for genomic, cellular, and proteomic research.

  • CRISPR Gene Editing

    CRISPR Gene Editing
    CRISPR enables researchers to edit their desired target genes efficiently and accelerate drug development.

  • Viral Vector Vaccine Development

    Viral Vector Vaccine Development
    The COVID-19 pandemic opened the door to expedited vaccine development using new technologies and therapies that have traditionally been used in other applications.

Instrument Validation, Service, and Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support
Reach our award-winning technical team by phone or email


Instrument Validation and CFR-Compliant Software
Self-service and field based IQ/OQ options, and 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory-compliant instrument software

Expert Care

Expert Care Service Plans
Service options to cover IQ/OQ,  preventive maintenance, and remote and onsite service

ISO Certificates

ISO Certificates
Find ISO and other Quality Management Systems documentation for Bio-Rad's Design Center & Manufacturing operations and Sales, Service, and Distribution centers in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.