CRISPR Gene Editing Workflow: Downstream Analysis

Solutions for Downstream Analysis of Gene Edits

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CRISPR gene editing provides versatile workflows that enable researchers to edit their desired target genes efficiently and accelerate therapeutic development. Explore our solutions for gene editing workflows.

Downstream Analysis of Gene-Edited Cells

Once it has been confirmed that the cells are correctly edited, phenotype investigation can begin. It may be desirable to further perturb your system with a drug as part of a cell-based assay during target or lead discovery and validation.

Bio-Rad provides predesigned and validated, as well as customizable, tools for high-throughput gene expression analysis, including the CFX Automation System, PrimePCR Gene Expression Assays and Panels, and CFX Maestro Software for real-time PCR detection systems. For more sensitive absolute quantitation, use predesigned or custom ddPCR Genome Edit Detection Assays and Droplet Digital PCR Systems.

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer enables study of the effects of edits at the cellular level. This flexible analyzer can be run by novices and experts alike and accommodates up to 30-parameter experiments. This high-level multiplexing allows full characterization of edited cells and their response to different assay conditions.

Multiplex proteomic analysis using the V3 Western Workflow and validated Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassays provides a complete picture of proteomic profile of the new cell lines. Validated PrecisionAb Western Blotting Antibodies and disease-specific or customizable multiplex Bio-Plex Assays ensure sensitive and reliable results.

Companion Products for Downstream Analysis of Gene-Edited Cells

  • CFX Automation System II

    CFX Automation System II

    • Works with all CFX Real-Time PCR Systems to facilitate automated workflows, large-volume data generation, and rapid data analysis
    • Saves valuable lab space — run two CFX Systems with a single plate handler in a compact footprint
    • Run up to 84 plates per day
  • Digital PCR Systems

    QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System

    • Detection of small or large edits with absolute quantification
    • Most precise and sensitive digital PCR solution for all applications
    • Digital PCR chemistry optimized for TaqMan hydrolysis probes or EvaGreen assays
    • Flexible assay setup for high sensitivity or high throughput
  • ddPCR  Genome Edit Detection Assays

    ddPCR Genome Edit Detection Assays

    • Enable rapid assessment of HDR and NHEJ edits generated by CRISPR-Cas9 system or other targeted genome editing tools
    • Detect editing events present at frequencies ≤ 0.5%
    • Provide absolute quantification of genome editing events from as little as 5 ng of total gDNA (cells in a single well of a 96-well plate)
  • Ze5™ Cell Analyzer

    ZE5 Cell Analyzer

    • Analysis of up to 30 parameters from a single sample, expanding the number of biomarkers that can be monitored in a cell-based assay
    • Measures rare or transient cell populations quickly
  • V3 Western Workflow

    V3 Western Workflow — Visualize, Verify, Validate

    A five-step streamlined western blotting protocol with innovative tools including proprietary stain-free imaging:

    • Faster run and transfer times
    • Checkpoints at every step
    • Quantitation made simple
  • BPMI

    Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassays

    • Measure up to 500 unique analytes in a single sample
    • Assay and panels for over 450 biologically relevant targets: inflammation, disease, cancer, cell signaling and growth, apoptosis, toxicity, and more
    • Choose premade or custom configurations, or develop your own assays for new targets
  • Bio-Plex 3D Suspension Array System

    Bio-Plex Readers and Tools

    • Premium instruments, software, calibration, and validation kits to ensure reproducible results
    • Use our Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassays, powered by Luminex xMAP Technology
    • Measure up to 500 unique analytes in a single sample