CRISPR Gene Editing Workflow: Enrichment and Single-Cell Isolation

Solutions for Gene Editing Cell Enrichment and Isolation

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CRISPR gene editing provides versatile workflows that enable researchers to edit their desired target genes efficiently and accelerate therapeutic development. Explore our solutions for gene editing workflows.

Enrichment and Single-Cell Isolation Tools

Enrichment for cells of interest occurs after cells have been transfected. This step accelerates the workflow and decreases unnecessary spending on reagents and consumables by allowing identification and expansion of only those cells that carry the desired edits. Enrichment also reduces the number of passages cells undergo, ensuring healthy cells for downstream analysis.

With the S3e Cell Sorter and ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager, enrichment is easily performed at your
bench without the need for a core facility, and your workflow can be shortened by as much as 30 days. The S3e Cell Sorter has the ability to sort for desired populations of cells and isolate those that require expansion. The ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager allows for early confirmation of successful enrichment.

Companion Products for Enrichment and Single-Cell Isolation

  • S3e Cell Sorter

    S3e Cell Sorter

    • Utilizes stream-in-air fluid dynamics for a more gentle high-speed sort
    • Features Lossless Cell Sorting mode for maximum recovery of rare-cell populations
    • Sort status email and text notifications allow the user to multitask during a sort
  • qPCR

    ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager

    • Simplified cell imaging — the intuitive touch-screen interface allows users to view cells, capture images, and create multichannel merges with minimal training
    • Flexible operation — brightfield and three fluorescence channels enable use for routine cell culture applications and more sophisticated imaging applications