Celselect Slides Enumeration Direct Stain Kit #CEL80112

CEL80112 Celselect Direct Enumeration Kit


Kit sufficient for 4 samples, includes slides, consumables and reagents to capture and prepare slides for immunolabeling (antibodies not included).



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The Celselect Slides Enumeration Direct Stain Kit enables downstream imaging of captured cells via fluorescent-labeled antibody bound to cell-specific surface antigens. Automatic processing of slides is performed on the Genesis System.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient capture of cells from liquid biopsies and other sample types
  • On-slide immunolabeling
  • Imaging on an automatic microscope
  • Rare Cell Analysis Software for Result reporting

Celselect Slides Enumeration/Immunolabeling Workflow

Sample is prepared with fixing reagent and loaded onto the instrument. Cells are captured and immunolabeled automatically in the Celselect slides microchambers while smaller components (<8 µm) flow through to waste. The Celselect slides is imaged on an automated microscope and files can be imported for reporting.

Celselect Enumeration Workflow
Add fixing reagent to sample and load sample on to the instrument. Sample and staining reagents are prepped according to predefined protocols
Genesis System automates capture and immunolabeling on Celselect Slides™
Image Celselect slides on an automated microscope
Import files from microscope to Rare Cell Analysis Software, confirm cells of interest, and generate report


Kit Contents

  • 4 Waste jars and tubing
  • 4 Celselect Slides™
  • 4 Celselect slides manifolds 
  • 4 Cartridge piercers   
  • 4 Inlet funnels
  • 4 Priming reservoirs
  • 4 Celselect direct enumeration cartridges
  • 4 Fixing reagent

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