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Add new depth to cell studies with the efficiency, 
ease, and versatility of Celselect Slides™.


Add New Depth to Cell Studies with the Efficiency, Ease, and Versatility of Celselect Slides™

The complexity of life is rooted in cells. From cell structure, to genetic variability, gene expression, and the formation of complex tissues and organs, all of biology is dependent upon this basic unit. The selection, capture, and study of cells, particularly rare cells, treated cells, or cells within a mixed cell population, is essential for providing insight into diverse areas such as the mechanisms of cancer and metastasis, disease, symbiosis, and biological diversity.

The Genesis Cell Isolation System with Celselect slides technology achieves fast, efficient selection and capture of viable individual cells 8-30 µm in size from liquid biopsy, cell culture, and other liquid sample types using gentle microfluidics and size-based, cell selection.

Need Help with cell capture, recovery, and analysis? Email a Bio-Rad Celselect Expert to discuss your cell research needs and request more information about the Genesis System and Celselect Slides™.

How Could Your Cell Research Benefit with Celselect Slides Technology?

Examine how the Genesis System with Celselect Slides™ can be used for efficient capture, recovery, and analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from liquid biopsy samples. Imagine what you can do with Celselect technology with your cells!

  • discover

    advanced cell capture, recovery, and labeling or staining in an integrated workflow with the Genesis System and Celselect Slides™

  • Application: Circulating tumor cell (CTC) capture, enumeration and immunolabeling.

Celselect Workflow

Application: liquid biopsy CTC capture
liquid biopsy samples over 56,000 individual micro chambers
individual CTCs with precise, non-biased, gentle size selection that preserves native biology
captured CTCs for culture or downstream analysis
CTCs using a wide range of downstream technologies including NGS, dPCR, qPCR, flow cytometry, FISH and more
or immunolabel
to enumerate CTCs or characterize surface proteins on-slide using fluorescent antibodies
Discover the flexibility
Try a Genesis System demo in your lab for your cell applications
flow →
capture →
recover →
analyze →
immunolabel →

Did you know?

  • Cell samples do not require pre-processing with the Genesis System
  • Celselect technology’s slide capture process is highly efficient, with liquid biopsy blood samples showing a 99.9% elimination rate of RBCs, WBCs, and other components
  • Cells flow along microfluidic channels in Celselect Slides™ that connect to >56,400 individual microchambers for cell capture
  • Microfluidics size-based cell capture provides extremely gentle handling of cells that importantly retains their native biology for cell culture and downstream gene expression analysis
  • Cell capture, recovery and labeling processes can be automated on-slide, saving you time and streamlining your workflow
  • Free analysis software is available for cell labeling and enumeration applications
Celselect Grant Program Banner

NEW! 2023 Celselect Research Grant Program

Empower your cell research! Submit a 500-word research proposal describing studies you want to perform that incorporate cell capture, recovery, and downstream applications for a chance to own a Genesis Cell Isolation System and Celselect Slides™ for your lab. Total Grant Award value: $50,000 USD.

The submission deadline has now ended and applications are in review.

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Carolina and Jeanne, 2022 ISBL Conference
Carolina Reduzzi and Jeannine Donahue from Weill Cornell Medicine visit the Bio-Rad booth at the 2022 ISLB Conference in Miami, FL

Visit the Bio-Rad booth at the following 2023 scientific conferences to see a Genesis System and experience a virtual reality demo.

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  • ABRF — May 7-10, Boston (Genesis / Celselect Workshop)
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  • ACTC — Sept 20-23, Skiathos Island, Greece
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