Clarity™ Western ECL Substrate, 20 ml #1705060S



Pkg of 1, contains 10 ml Clarity Western Peroxide Reagent and 10 ml Clarity Western Luminol/Enhancer Reagent
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Need more sensitivity?

Use Clarity Western ECL Substrate with any HRP-conjugated secondary antibody for digital or film-based imaging.

Features and Benefits

  • Femtogram-level sensitivity
  • 24-hr signal duration
  • 1-year shelf-life at room temperature
  • Use 7 ml for a mini membrane (7 x 8.5 cm)
  • Use 12 ml for a midi membrane (8.5 x 13.5 cm)

Product Contents

  • 10 ml Clarity Western Peroxide Reagent
  • 10 ml Clarity Western Luminol/Enhancer Reagent

Packaging Options

Number of applications Total Volume Catalog Number
1 to 3 membranes 20 ml 1705060S
16 to 28 membranes 200 ml 1705060
32 to 56 membranes 500 ml 1705061

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Lower detection limit
Clarity: Mid-femtogram level
Clarity Max: Low-femtogram level
Signal duration
Clarity: 24 hr
Clarity Max: 2 hr
Primary detection method
Digital or film imaging
Suggested antibody dilution
Primary: 1:1,000–1:50,000;
Secondary: 1:50,000–1:250,000
Recommended membrane
Nitrocellulose, PVDF, or LF PVDF

Recommended SKUs

Recommended SKUs