(Discontinued) S3e™ Cell Sorter (405/488/640 nm) #12007059



S3e Cell Sorter, 405, 488, and 640 nm 100 mW lasers, includes 4 fluorescence detectors with filters, AutoGimbal™ System, ProSort™ Software



Use the compact S3e Cell Sorter for true walk-away automated cell sorting using 3 lasers (405/488/640 nm), 4 fluorescence detectors, plus forward- and side-scatter detectors.

Real-time monitoring and smart features make cell sorting easier and more accessible to both novices and experts.

Among the many innovations of the S3e Cell Sorter, two key state-of-the-art advancements are ProDrop™ Technology for drop delay determination with real-time monitoring and the software-driven, hands-free AutoGimbal System, which enables automatic nozzle tip and stream-to-optics alignment.

Features and Benefits

  • Hands-free nozzle tip alignment — fully automatic AutoGimbal System, driven completely by software
  • Simplified instrument setup — fully automated drop delay calculation, stream alignment, and droplet break-off monitoring enable precise 1–4 color sorting with minimal training
  • Compact design — dimensions of only 70 × 65 × 65 cm (2.3 × 2.1 × 2.1 ft), including onboard fluidics and temperature control system
  • 2-way cell sorting — sort two different defined populations at the same time
  • High speed and high purity — sort cells fast while maintaining high sensitivity and purity
  • Intuitive interface — user-friendly ProSort Software enables effortless instrument control and sort logic definition

Related Products

The S3e Cell Sorter is available in 1-laser, 2-detector, 2-laser, 4-detector, and 3-laser, 4-detector versions either alone or bundled with the S3e Biosafety System Class I. Bio-Rad also carries additional products that support or enhance cell sorting applications.

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Droplet frequency
37–43 kHz
Sorting type
True jet-in-air for high-performance sorting
Sorting rate
No hardware limitations for sort rate, limited only by droplet frequency and application
Sorting purity
>99% pure
Nozzle size
100 µm
Sorting direction
2-way sorting
Sorting collection
Up to 5 x 5 ml sample tubes each direction
Up to 5 x 1.5 ml tubes each direction
Microscope slides
8-well strip each direction
405, 488, and 640 nm 100 mW lasers
Forward scatter (FSC) with PMT
Side scatter (SSC) with PMT
2 fluorescence detectors with PMT
Minimum resolution: 0.5 µm
<125 MESF for FITC and PE
Temperature range
Sample and collection temperature control system: 4–37°C
Peltier solid-state system
Onboard fluidics and dilution of 8x sheath fluid with deionized water
Data format
FCS 3.1
Dimensions (W x D x H)
70 x 65 x 65 cm (2.3 x 2.1 x 2.1 ft)