Cell Counting

FEATURED PRODUCT | TC20™ Automated Cell Counter
  • Accuracy and reproducibility with auto-focus technology
  • Total and viable cell counts within 30 seconds
  • User-defined gates for complex samples
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Automated cell counting uses optical methods to count cells in fluid samples for applications such as standardizing experiments and measuring assay impact. The TC20 automated cell counter assesses total cell count and cell viability within 30 seconds with a broad range of cell types..

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    TC20 automated cell counter
    TC20 Automated Cell Counter

    The TC20 automated cell counter accurately counts cells in one simple step using innovative auto-focus technology and a sophisticated cell-counting algorithm. The TC20 enables accurate cell counting in less than 30 seconds.

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    Cell Imaging

    Bio-Rad's suite of tools for fluorescence microscopy and cell imaging includes the ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager and PureBlu Nuclear Staining Dyes.