Nuvia aPrime 4A Media

Nuvia aPrime 4A Media


Nuvia aPrime 4A is a hydrophobic AEX resin engineered with distinctly balanced modes to optimize biomolecule interactions. It offers a wide design space and straightforward method development delivering both high purity and yield.

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Nuvia aPrime 4A is a hydrophobic anion exchange resin designed with a distinct balance of modes optimized for biomolecule interactions. The resin's ligand density and hydrophobicity are engineered to facilitate selective and reversible binding of target molecules for high purity and yield. Nuvia aPrime offers a wide design space and straightforward method development to purify even the most complex molecules.


  • Broad range of binding and elution conditions for optimal process scale-up
  • Easy parameter manipulation for complex feed stream purification
  • Exceptional clearance of impurities with high target recovery

Purification of Monoclonal Antibody

The Nuvia aPrime 4A Bead is designed to provide a high DBC and excellent recovery of biomolecules. The 50 µm particle size offers good resolution and high productivity while maintaining low column pressure. In this example, the resin to clear high molecular weight species from an acidic mAb (pI ~6.9) feedstream at pH 7.8, Nuvia aPrime 4A interacts with the mAb through both electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions. The mAb monomer was eluted at ~pH 6 with an overall recovery of ~90%. The high molecular weight impurities were retained until the resin was stripped with a pH 4 buffer (Figure 1).

90% recovery of mabs with nuvia 4a resin
Fig.1. 90% recovery of mAb S with Nuvia aPrime 4A Resin.
A solution sample containing (about 10 mg of target mAb in 20 mM NaPO4, pH 7.8) was injected onto a 1 ml column and eluted by buffers at pH 6. Clear separation of the impurities from the monomeric fraction was observed. AU, absorbance units.


Straightforward Method Development


A design of experiment can be used to optimize process conditions. In the example below, method development was tested for flow-through purification of a basic protein with a pI of ~8.45. The flowthrough showed excellent clearance of impurities as determined by the monomer content (Figure 2) while providing good monomer recovery (Figure 3).


method development
Fig 2. Excellent clearance of impurities
Binding buffer pH and NaCl affect monomer content in the flow-through fraction to yield good clearance


method development
Fig 3. High recovery
Binding buffer pH and NaCl yield high monomer recovery in the flow-through fraction.


Product Formats


Product Catalog Number
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 25 ml 12007397
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 100 ml 12007396
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 500 ml 12007379
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 5 L 12007380
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media, 10 L 12007391

Screening Tools

  • Foresight CHT XT Column, 1 ml

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A Column, 1 ml


  • Foresight CHT XT Column, 5 ml

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A Column, 5 ml


  • Foresight CHT XT, 200 μl Robocolumn

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A RoboColumn Unit, 200 μl


  • Foresight CHT XT, 600 μl Robocolumn

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A RoboColumn Unit, 600 μl


  • Foresight CHT XT, 20 μl Plates

    Foresight Nuvia aPrime 4A Plates, 20 μl


More Information



Base matrix composition
Macroporous highly crosslinked polymer
Functional group
Aromatic hydrophobic anion exchanger
Median particle size
50 ± 10 µm
Ligand density
100 ± 20 µeq/ml
Dynamic binding capacity*
≥50 mg/ml at 300 cm/hr
Recommended linear flow rate
50–300 cm/hr
Pressure vs. flow performance**
Under 3 bar at flow rate of 300 cm/hr
Compression factor
Shipping solution
20% ethanol + 1 M NaCl
pH stability***
Short term: 2–14
1 N NaOH
1 N NaOH
Storage condition
20% ethanol
Chemical stability
1 N NaOH, 1 M HCl, 25% acetic acid, 8 M urea, 6 M guanidine HCl, 3 M NaCl, 1% Triton X-100, 20–70% ethanol, 30% isopropanol
Shelf life††
5 years




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Pkg of 1, 1 ml, prepacked hydrophobic anion exchange column, 7 mm x 25 mm, max. pressure 45 psi, for use with NGC Systems or any chromatography system



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