Ready-to-Use Affinity Media


Base matrices are available with ligands already coupled for convenience. Each ligand has unique specificity and can be used to capture specific molecules.

Category Products

  • 153-7301_275px_pdtn.jpg
    Affi-Gel Blue Gel
    Affi-Gel Blue Gel is a crosslinked agarose bead with covalently attached Cibacron Blue F3GA dye. The blue dye functions as an ionic, hydrophobic, aromatic, or sterically active binding site.
  • deae_affi_blue_gel_pdtn.jpg
    DEAE Affi-Gel Blue Gel
    DEAE Affi-Gel Blue Gel is a bifunctional affinity/ion exchange chromatography matrix prepared by coupling Cibacron blue F3GA and diethylaminoethyl groups to Bio-Gel A.
  • cm_affigel_blue_gel_pdtn.jpg
    CM Affi-Gel Blue Gel
    CM Affi-Gel Blue gel contains Cibacron Blue F3GA dye covalently coupled to CM Bio-Gel A. This bifunctional gel binds both albumin and serum proteases.
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    Affi-Gel Heparin Gel
    Affi-Gel heparin gel is a ready-to-use support for the purification of a range of proteins such as coagulation factors, other plasma proteins, polynucleotide polymerases, nucleases, lipases.
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    Affi-Gel Boronate Gel
    Affi-Gel boronate-derivatized polyacrylamide gel has affinity for coplanar adjacent cis-hydroxyl groups (cis-diols) and a high binding capacity.
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    Affi-Prep Polymyxin Resin
    Affi-Prep polymyxin support consists of 2–4 mg of USP-grade polymyxin per ml of the macroporous polymeric Affi-Prep support. Binds endotoxins from a number of gram-negative bacteria.