Bio-Plex® Assay Builder

Bio-Plex Assay Builder


Custom Offering Chart
Attribute Bio-Plex Express Assays Bio-Plex x-Plex Assays
Bio-Plex Pro Assays Bio-Plex Assays Bio-Plex Signal Transduction Assays
Bead Type Magnetic Magnetic Nonmagnetic Nonmagnetic
Premixed No Yes Yes Yes
Final Blend Q/C No Yes Yes Yes
Species/Targets Human Cytokine
Mouse Cytokine
Human Cytokine
Mouse Cytokine
Rat Cytokine Phospho and Total Protein
Plate Minimum None 2 x 96 None None
Target Maximum 10 None None None
Kit Format All in One All in One Target Components only Target Components only
Additional Required Products None None Yes Yes
Suggested Products Flat Bottom Plates Flat Bottom Plates Diluents for Serum and Plasma None

Due to an upgrade in our business systems, the Bio-Plex Assay Builder will be unavailable between Saturday, June 28th through Sunday, June 29th, orders placed during this period may experience a delay in delivery of up to 5 business days.

Bio-Plex Assay Builder

Use the Bio-Plex® Assay Builder to design your customized Bio-Plex Assay in four easy steps

With Assay Builder you can also:

  • Get a price quote
  • Place your order online
  • Look up an existing assay by catalog number

To design your customized Express or x-Plex assay, process your catalog number, and obtain pricing information, launch the Assay Builder

To create a Bio-Plex custom assay, click Launch Bio-Plex Assay Builder.

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Bio-Plex® Multiplex Immunoassays Analyte Guide Summer 2016

Use the Bio-Plex analyte guide to explore our analyte offerings, find new assays, and review performance characteristics.

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Due to an upgrade in our business systems, the Bio-Plex Assay Builder will be unavailable between Saturday, June 28th through Sunday, June 29th, orders placed during this period may experience a delay in delivery of up to 5 business days.

Use the Bio-Plex® Assay Builder to design your customized Bio-Plex Assay in four easy steps

With Assay Builder you can also:

  • Get a price quote
  • Place your order online
  • Look up an existing assay by catalog number

Launch Assay Builder

Express vs. x-Plex™ Assay Formats: What’s the Difference?

Express Assays (You Mix)

  • For individual coupled bead/detection antibody sets of 10 targets or fewer
  • Faster delivery — ships to U.S. locations in 8-12 business days. Please allow additional time for shipping outside the U.S.
  • Everything you need in one package
  • Available for all assay groups (with the exception of phosphoprotein and total target assays)

x-Plex Assays (We Mix)

  • For premixed coupled bead/detection antibody sets
  • Standard delivery — ships to U.S. locations up to 4 weeks. Please allow additional time for shipping outside the U.S.
  • Everything you need in one package (phosphoprotein and total target assays require additional kits)
  • Available for select assay groups
  • Quality tested

Ordering Information

Placing Orders

  • Use the Assay Builder to design your Express or x-Plex assay
  • Enter your contact information to receive a confirmation email (this will ensure your custom assay catalog number is available for you to order)
  • Place your order (may take 2 days for first-time requests)

Important Notes:



Shipping Time*

Express assay

8-12 business days

x-Plex assay

Up to 4 weeks

* U. S. business days (orders placed outside the U.S. please allow more time for shipment).

Number Description Options
5405 Bio-Plex® Multiplex System Brochure, Ver E Click to download [ Add to Cart (Free) ]
BR125FS Second Generation Multiplex Immunoassays Click to download
5297 Bio-Plex Pro™ Assay Reference Guide, Ver D Click to download
2993 Bio-Plex Glossary, Rev A Click to download
5817 Bio-Plex Pro/Bio-Plex Pro II Wash Stations: Validation for Bead-Based Immunosandwich Suspension Array Assays Tech Poster, Rev A Click to download
5818 Multiplex Analysis of Serum Biomarkers in Ovarian Cancer Patients Using Bio-Plex Suspension Array System Tech Poster, Rev B Click to download
3034 Bio-Plex Phosphoprotein Assays Feature Cell Signaling Technology (CST) Antibodies Product Information Sheet, Rev C Click to download
3100 Bio-Plex Cytokine Assay Comparison, Rev E Click to download
3033 Application of the Bio-Plex Cell Lysis Kit in Western Blot Analysis of Phosphoproteins, Rev A Click to download
3038 Bio-Plex Cytokine Assay Protocol, Rev A Click to download
2900 Selection of Standards for Bio-Plex Cytokine Assays, Rev A Click to download
2903 Bio-Plex Phosphoprotein Detection Brochure, Rev F Click to download
2927 Quick Guide, Bio-Plex Phosphoprotein Testing, Rev B Click to download
2981 Simultaneous Detection of 12 Phosphorylated and 7 Total Proteins Using the Bio-Plex Suspension Array System, Rev B Click to download
3074 Differential Immune Activation in Astrocytes of IL-6 Genotypes, Rev A Click to download
3075 Bio-Plex Cytokine Immunoassays and ELISA: Comparison of Two Methodologies in Testing Samples From Asthmatic and Healthy Children, Rev A Click to download
3141 Detection of Phosphorylated and Total ERK and p38 MAPK by Bio-Plex™ Assay, ELISA, and Western Blotting, Rev A Click to download
3156 Bio-Plex Mouse Cytokine Assays, Rev A Click to download
3157 Bio-Plex Human Cytokine Assays, Rev A Click to download
5296 Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Phosphoprotein Targets From Human Tumor Tissues Using the Bio-Plex Suspension Array System, Rev A Click to download
5312 Feasibility of Multiplexing Bio-Plex Total Target and Phosphoprotein Assays, Rev A Click to download
5377 Lysate Preparation for Bio-Plex™ Phospho-Histone H3 Assay, Rev A Click to download
5394 Bio-Plex Phosphoprotein Detection References, Rev B Click to download
5482 The Power of xMAP Technology (xMAP vs. WB Comparison) Flier, Rev C Click to download
5483 Bio-Plex Phosphoprotein Detection Performance Data Sheet, Rev E Click to download [ Add to Cart (Free) ]
5579 Downstream EGFR Protein Phosphorylation Tech note, Rev A Click to download
5590 Detection of Genetic Abnormalities in Cancer Cells Using Bio-Plex Immunoassays, Rev A Click to download
6100 Bio-Plex Pro Rat Cytokine Assays Product Information Sheet, Rev B Click to download
6119 Multiplex Analysis Using Bio-Plex Pro Rat Cytokine and Diabetes Assays, Rev A Click to download
4110005 Instruction Manual, Bio-Plex Human Cytokine Assay Product Insert, Rev G Click to download
4110018 Instruction Manual, Bio-Plex Phosphoprotein Testing, Rev C Click to download
4110019 Bio-Plex Phosphoprotein Detection Product Insert, Rev F Click to download
4110050 Instruction Manual, Bio-Plex Rat Cytokine 9-Plex A Panel (1 x 96-Well) Product Insert, Rev B Click to download
4110051 Instruction Manual, Bio-Plex Cell Lysis Kit Product Insert, Rev D Click to download
4110061 Instruction Manual, Bio-Plex Mouse Cytokine 18-Plex Panel (1 x 96-Well) Product Insert, Rev B Click to download
4110186 Bio-Plex™ Phosphoprotein Assay Lysate Table, Rev D Click to download

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