• Clarity Clarity Max Western ECL Blotting Substrates

    Clarity and Clarity Max Western ECL Blotting Substrates

    Your choice for ECL substrates is clear:

    • Clarity for detecting mid-to-high-abundance proteins
    • Clarity Max for detecting low-abundance proteins
  • PCR Plastics Consumables

    PCR Plastic Consumables

    Find the best high-performance plates, tubes,
    seals, and accessories for your PCR and
    qPCR experiments

  • Fluorescent Western Blotting

    Fluorescent Western Blotting

    Accurate, quantitative protein analysis

    • New, brighter and more sensitive fluorescent antibodies
    • Detection of up to three different proteins on a single blot

    Discover Amplichek™
    Molecular Quality Controls
    for Infectious Disease

    Multi-analyte QC products for
    nucleic acid testing procedures


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