• Clarity Clarity Max Western ECL Blotting Substrates

    Clarity and Clarity Max Western ECL Blotting Substrates

    Your choice for ECL substrates is clear:

    • Clarity for detecting mid-to-high-abundance proteins
    • Clarity Max for detecting low-abundance proteins
  • Cell Health

    Cell Health Products

    • Cell viability
    • Apoptosis
    • Cell proliferation
    • Autophagy

    Antibodies, kits, and dyes to cover all your needs

  • PrecisionAb

    PrecisionAb Validated Western Blotting Antibodies

    These premium antibodies are selected for superior performance in western blot detection using strict testing criteria

  • D-100 System

    D-100 System

    The future of A1c Testing

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Life Science Education

Captivating science education to inspire curiosity in your students

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Food Science

Reagents and equipment for food and beverage safety, animal husbandry, and public health laboratories

Process Separation

Process Separation

Robust, high-capacity process chromatography media for commercial scale bioprocesses



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