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ZOE  Fluorescent Cell Imager

ZOE™ Fluorescent Cell Imager

Benchtop cell imaging as simple to use as a personal tablet

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Number One in Specialty Diagnostics Products

Number One in Specialty Diagnostics Products

Bio-Rad provides leading products in quality control management, diabetes monitoring, and blood virus and autoimmune disorders testing. Our automated solutions and instrumentation offer significant laboratory cost savings.

Quality Control | Multiplex Testing | Immunohematology | Diabetes Testing

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KnowItAll ID Expert

KnowItAll® ID Expert™

Intelligent Spectral Identification for IR and Raman Spectroscopy

KnowItAll ID Expert is a new technology combining our years of spectroscopy experience with tremendous computational power to enable the fastest, most accurate identification of unknown IR and Raman spectra.

ATR/IR ID Expert | Raman ID Expert

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Nuvia HR-S media joins the Nuvia ion exchange media family

Nuvia™ HR-S Media Joins the Nuvia Ion Exchange Media Family

Nuvia HR-S chromatography media is a strong cation exchange media with optimized particle size and chemistry to provide high recovery of target biomolecules and exceptional resolution of closely related contaminants such as aggregates.

Nuvia™ cPrime™ Media | MPC™ Media | Foresight™ Prepacked Plates and Columns

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RAPID Campylobacter


Detect and enumerate thermophilic Campylobacter

RAPID Enterobacteriaceae


Enumerate Enterobacteriaceae without confirmation

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2014 Life Science Education Catalog

2014 Life Science Education Catalog

Download the new interactive 2014 catalog and see what's new.

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