Bio-Plex Pro™ Cell Signaling Akt Panel, 8-plex #LQ00006JK0K0RR

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1 x 96-well plate, includes coupled magnetic beads and detection antibodies, buffers, lysis factor QG, diluent, streptavidin-PE, 96-well flat bottom plate, and plate seals for the detection of 8 Akt pathway markers

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the Bio-Plex Pro cell signaling Akt 8-plex panel, an all-in-one premixed multiplex kit, for detecting the following phosphorylated analytes from cell lysates derived from cell culture or tissue samples:

  • Akt (Ser473)
  • BAD (Ser136)
  • GSK-3α/β (Ser21/Ser9)
  • IRS-1 (Ser636/Ser639)
  • mTOR (Ser2248)
  • p70 S6 kinase (Thr389)
  • PTEN (Ser380)
  • S6 ribosomal protein (Ser235/Ser236)

This assay panel measures the relative concentration of the phosphorylated protein.


  • All-in-one premixed kit
  • Exceptional sensitivity (0.15–0.3 µg/well) and broad dynamic range
  • Get started right away with  the included assay quick guide
  • Simplified assay processing with magnetic bead–based workflow to enable automation

Kit Components

  • Coupled 6.5 µm magnetic beads
  • Detection antibodies
  • Cell lysate
  • Cell lysis buffer
  • Cell lysis factor QG
  • Cell wash buffer
  • Bead resuspension buffer
  • Detection antibody diluent
  • Wash buffer
  • Streptavidin-PE
  • 96-well flat bottom plate
  • Sealing tape

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Instrument Compatibility

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