NGC Sample Pump Module #7884004



Pkg of 1, includes 100 ml/min sample pump kit with the necessary tubing and fittings, for automated large-volume sample application



The NGC Sample Pump Module, when used with the sample inject valve, enables the injection of large sample volumes and allows repetitive, accurate, and multiple loadings from a single sample stock.

Features and Benefits of NGC Chromatography Sample Pumps

  • Eliminate the risk of contaminating system pumps
  • Allow automated loading of large sample volumes, either directly to the column or via a DynaLoop™ Sample Loop, at a flow rate of up to 100 ml/min at 1,450 psi
  • Feature an integrated pressure sensor that protects columns and media from overpressure
  • Automate sample addition, thus increasing accuracy between experimental runs

More Information

Other modules may be added to your NGC™ Medium-Pressure Chromatography System to increase functionality and automation.

Plug in the buffer blending valve module for automatic inline buffer preparation and generation of pH gradients for quick pH scouting, and the column switching valve module to connect up to five columns, enabling quick and easy column scouting without the need to re-plumb the system.