NGC Medium-Pressure Chromatography Modules and Accessories

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  • Automation, flexibility, and capacity all in one
  • Purification for discovery to small-scale batch production
  • Increases productivity and throughput


The NGC Chromatography System can be upgraded by adding modular components to provide higher flow rates, sophisticated detection capabilities, pH monitoring, column scouting, and buffer blending options. Control your NGC Instrument and analyze runs using ChromLab™ Software, also available in a Security Edition.

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    NGC Detector Modules and Components
    The single-wavelength, multi-wavelength, conductivity, and pH detectors enable real-time sample monitoring for high-sensitivity monitoring of complex samples without background interference.
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    NGC Valve Modules and Components
    The NGC Valve Modules, which include buffer blending, sample inject, inlet, and column switching valves, may be used alone or in combination to increase system functionality and convenience.
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    NGC Air Sensor Module and Components
    The NGC Air Sensor Module and its related components enable the detection of air and indicate the end of buffer or sample, thus preventing air from entering pumps and columns and causing damage.
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    NGC Pump and Mixer Modules and Components
    The pump kits used in the NGC Systems are interchangeable. The pump kits contain fully assembled pump heads with seals and check valves installed for fast, easy pump head changes. Mixers ensure improved gradient quality for more accurate separations.
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    ChromLab Software
    ChromLab Software provides a single solution to control the NGC Chromatography System, acquire data, and perform data analysis.
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    ChromLab Software, Security Edition
    The security edition of ChromLab Software provides a single solution to control the NGC Chromatography System, acquire data, and perform data analysis, while allowing users to comply with Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 (21 CFR part 11).
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    IQ/OQ Services for NGC Chromatography Systems

    Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) Protocols for NGC Chromatography Systems are performed during installation and after the removal or addition of modules to ensure that your instrument is installed properly and operating at its optimal specifications.