EconoFit CHT Column Screening Pack #17007881

EconoFit CHT Column Screening Pack


A collection of four prepacked ceramic apatite chromatography columns, 7 mm x 25 mm, for media screening experiments and small-scale method development with NGC Systems or any chromatography system



The EconoFit CHT Column Screening Pack is a collection of four ceramic apatite chromatography media columns, which can be screened to determine the optimal conditions for the purification of your biomolecules. These media offer unique selectivities and often separate biomolecules that other chromatography media are unable to differentiate. Please also view Bulletin 6530 which demonstrates the importance of resin/column screening for method development.

EconoFit CHT Column Screening Pack Components

The EconoFit CHT Column Screening Pack consists of the following columns:

Packed Media (1 ml) Catalog Number
CHT Type I, 40 µm 12009255
CHT Type II, 40 µm 12009259
CHT XT, 40 µm 12009261
CFT II, 40 µm 12009252


CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Media

CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Media is a spherical, macroporous form of hydroxyapatite. It has been sintered at high temperatures to modify it from a nanocrystalline to a ceramic form. Unlike most other chromatography adsorbents, CHT Media act as both the ligand and the support matrix. They offer unique selectivities and often separate biomolecules that appear homogeneous using other chromatographic methods.

Biomolecules can interact with CHT through calcium affinity interactions and/or cation exchange interactions. The diverse binding capabilities of CHT Media for host cell proteins, leached protein A, antibody dimers and aggregates, nucleic acids, and viruses allow its use at any purification stage from initial capture to final polishing.

CFT Ceramic Fluoroapatite Media

CFT Ceramic Fluoroapatite Media is a composite of fluoroapatite and hydroxyapatite prepared by chemically converting hydroxyapatite nanocrystals to fluoroapatite with a fluorine reagent. CFT Media can be used under stringent chromatography conditions to separate acidic proteins requiring buffered conditions as low as pH 5.6 with minimal effect on the solubility or lifetime of the support.

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