AG® 11 A8 Ion Retardation Resin, analytical grade, 500 g #1427834



500 g, analytical grade ion exchange retardation resin, self-adsorbed form, 8% crosslinkage, 50–100 dry mesh size, 180–425 µm wet bead size, ~1,000 MW limit

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use analytical grade AG 11 A8 Ion Retardation Resin for desalting, removing acid from nonionic molecules, and separating ions from ionic substances. Unlike ion exchange, ion retardation can be used to separate mixtures of highly ionized molecules since the mechanism is reversible adsorption.

  • Absorbs both anions and cations from solutions
  • Can be used to desalt amino acid solutions and peptides, and remove charged detergents, including SDS, from protein solutions
  • Ideal for rapid quantitative removal of acids due to H+ being held so strongly that it is not eluted by water
  • Can be used repeatedly without special regeneration; after most separations water elution is sufficient
  • Biotechnology grade resin is certified to contain less than 100 microorganisms per gram
  • Larger volume and special packaging available on request

AG 11 A8 Resin contains paired anion and cation exchange sites which are in close proximity and partially neutralize each other (i.e. self-adsorb). This media is composed of a strong anionic resin with a weak cationic polymer trapped inside, so that beads are both cation and anion exchangers. Ions are weakly adsorbed and then desorbed repeatedly as they move through the column. The rate of retardation of an ion is proportional to the strength of adsorption of that ion.

AG 11 A8 Ion Retardation Resin is stable in acid, base, and organic solvents and is autoclavable. Avoid exposure to strong oxidizing agents.

Product Options

Resin Grade* Indicator Dye** Ionic Form Mesh Size Wet Bead Size µm Package Size Catalog Number
AG 501‑X8 Mol Bio   H+ + OH 20–50 300–1,180 µm 100 g 1436424
AG 501‑X8 Biotech   H+ + OH 20–50 300–1,180 µm 100 g 1437424
AG 501‑X8 Analytical   H+ + OH 20–50 300–1,180 µm 500 g 1426424
AG 501‑X8(D) Mol Bio + H+ + OH 20–50 300–1,180 µm 100 g 1436425
AG 501‑X8(D) Biotech + H+ + OH 20–50 300–1,180 µm 100 g 1437425
AG 501‑X8(D) Analytical + H+ + OH 20–50 300–1,180 µm 500 g 1426425
Bio‑Rex™ MSZ 501(D) Analytical + H+ + OH 20–35 600±100 µm 500 g 1427425
AG 11 A8 Biotech   Self‑adsorbed 50–100 180–425 µm 100 g 1437834
AG 11 A8 Analytical   Self‑adsorbed 50–100 180–425 µm 500 g 1427834

*Biotechnology-grade resin is certified to contain less than 100 microorganisms per gram; molecular-biology-grade resin is certified to be endo- and exonuclease-free and contain no ligase inhibitors

** Irreversibly bound dye that turns from blue to gold when exchange capacity is exhausted

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