Blue Sample Tray for GelDoc Go Gel Imaging System #12012160


Pkg of 1, blue sample tray, for nucleic acid applications with GelGreen or any SYBR Stain, includes Gel Alignment Kit (12012190) and XcitaBlue goggles (1708185), for use with GelDoc Go Gel Imaging System

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Use the Blue Sample Tray with the GelDoc Go Gel Imaging System to visualize stained gels with blue light.

The following types of stained gels can be visualized:

  • GelGreen Stained Gels
  • SYBR Green Stained Gels

More Accessories for the GelDoc Go Imaging System:

  • XcitaBlue Viewing Goggles (1708185)
  • White Sample Tray for Coomassie Blue and other white-light stains (12012165)
  • UV/Stain-Free Sample Tray (12012189)
  • GelDoc Go UV Shield (12012164)
  • Holder for Sample Trays and UV Shield (1708377)
  • Gel Alignment Templates (12012190)

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