Second-Dimension Large Format Electrophoresis Systems


Large format PROTEAN® II xi cells and PROTEAN II XL cells are compatible with 17 cm or 24 cm IPG strips. PROTEAN® Plus Dodeca™ cells allow maximum throughput with the capacity to run up to 12 protein gels at a time.

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    PROTEAN II xi Cell
    The PROTEAN II xi cell is a large format vertical electrophoresis cell that is used for common electrophoretic techniques such as SDS-PAGE, native electrophoresis, and agarose gel electrophoresis.
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    The PROTEAN II XL cell accommodates up to four 18.5 x 20 cm handcast gels for second-dimension electrophoresis of 17 cm IPG strips.
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    PROTEAN II IPG Conversion Kits
    PROTEAN II IPG conversion kits expand the size of the classic PROTEAN II xi cell and multi-cell to the PROTEAN II XL format to accommodate second-dimension electrophoresis using 17 or 18 cm IPG strips.
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    PROTEAN Plus Dodeca Cell
    The PROTEAN Plus Dodeca cell accommodates up to 12 large slab gels, matching the capacity of 1-D runs in the PROTEAN IEF system for high-throughput 2-D applications.