Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis Systems

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Three CHEF systems that incorporate different technologies for optimal resolution in various size ranges, such as PACE, FIGE, and AFIGE are offered. Agarose, reagents, standards, and kits for PFGE are available.

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    CHEF Mapper XA System

    The CHEF Mapper XA system incorporates patented FIGE and AFIGE technologies for superior resolution from 100 bp to 10 Mb, in addition to the features of the CHEF-DR II and the CHEF-DR III systems.

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    CHEF-DR II System
    The CHEF-DR II system has been streamlined by condensing the functions of Pulsewave 760 technology and the power supply into the CHEF-DR II control module.
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    Pulsed Field Standards and Agaroses
    Bio-Rad offers Certified™ Megabase Agarose, Certified Pulsed-Field Agarose, and standards for applications from FIGE separation of cosmid inserts to separation of the largest chromosomes. Choose from recombinant DNA ladders or genomic digests.