Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassay System

Quantify over 500 different protein and peptide targets simultaneously in a single 12.5 µl sample using the Bio-Plex Multiplex System, powered by Luminex xMAP technology. The Bio-Plex System offers high-performance readers, industry-leading software, and sensitive assays in ready-to-use or custom configurations, enabling you to obtain high-quality data from limited samples.

Comparison of Bio-Plex Multiplexing vs. ELISA

Bio-Plex vs. ELISA

* Samples run in duplicate.   
** Calculated as 2.2 hours required per plate.   
*** Assumes 50 μl of sample used per well.

Bio-Plex Assays, Instruments, and Software

Bio-Plex Assay Finder

Bio-Plex Assay Finder

Simply select your targets of interest to find the assay that meets your needs.

Bio-Plex Assays, Kits, and Reagents

Bio-Plex Assays, Kits, and Reagents

Bio-Plex Multiplex immunoassays use Luminex magnetic beads for the quantification of over 450 biologically relevant targets: assays for inflammation, disease, cancer, cell signaling and growth, apoptosis, toxicity, and more. Choose assays in premade and custom configurations, or develop your own assays for new targets.

Bio-Plex Instruments

Bio-Plex Readers and Tools include the Bio-Plex 200 and Bio-Plex 3D Systems, Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station, and maintenance, calibration, verification, and validation kits.

Bio-Plex Instruments
Bio-Plex Software

Bio-Plex Software

Bio-Plex Manager and Bio-Plex Data Pro Software make it simple to run instruments using xMAP technology and analyze multiplex data.

Bio-Plex Standard Lot Data

Download data for released standard lots for import into Bio-Plex Manager Software.


96-Well Plate Template Post-It Pad

Simplifies the Bio-Plex Multiplex Assay process from start to finish.

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  • Bio-Plex Multiplex Immunoassay Manuals, Guides, and Protocols Library

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Bio-Plex System Applications and Uses

Watch short videos to learn how the Bio-Plex system works, how it is used in cardiovascular disease and leukemia research, biomarker identification, and citokinin expression in cancer.


Bio-Plex Applications


    Bench to Bedside - Learn how Bio-Plex assays and instruments are being used in cardiovascular disease and leukemia research.


    Understanding Melanoma Biomarkers - Learn how the Bio-Plex system can help to identify early markers of melanoma in serum and blood samples from at-risk patients.


    Understanding Cancer - Learn how Bio-Plex assays and instruments are being used to monitor cytokine expression in cancer and in response to cancer vaccines.


Bio-Plex Quick Tip Videos


    Bio-Plex Quick Tips — Planning for Assay Success Part 1


    Bio-Plex Quick Tips — Planning for Assay Success Part 2


    Bio-Plex Quick Tips — Planning for Assay Success Part 3


Application Notes

Multiplex Immunodetection Webinar Series

Join Bio-Rad multiplex immunodetection experts for a webinar series that explores the many factors that go into the design and execution of successful xMAP multiplex immunoassays. Not only will we cover the technology and general how to’s, we’ll also delve into the why’s to give you a deeper understanding and get you on the right path for success. By the end of this series, you’ll be a multiplexing expert.

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Applications & Technologies

  • Multiplex Immunoassays

    Multiplex Immunoassays

    Details on the experimental design, data collection, analysis, and validation of multiplex protein assays using the Bio-Plex Suspension Array System.

  • Biomarker Analysis

    Biomarker Analysis

    Learn how biomarkers such as hormones, cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and phosphoproteins are used to investigate physiological or pharmacological mechanisms.

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