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Solutions for Cellular Biomarker Discovery

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We have solutions that address key challenges in biomarker discovery and validation: throughput, reliability, sensitivity, and ease of use. Explore our solutions for analysis of genomic, proteomic, and cellular biomarkers.

Biomarker Discovery Tools: Cellular Biomarkers

The ability to uncover novel and rare cell types through multiparameter analysis allows researchers to characterize cell populations in greater detail and identify subpopulations that serve as markers for disease. Simple and reliable isolation of these cells for downstream assays further supports the cellular biomarker workflow by providing pure populations for genomic and proteomic analysis.

Our comprehensive and easy-to-use suite of cell analysis products includes the ZE5 Cell Analyzer, the S3e Cell Sorter, and the ZOE Fluorescent Cell Imager, as well as a wide range of flow cytometry and cell imaging reagents. Examine up to 30 parameters simultaneously with the ZE5 Cell Analyzer to distinguish subtly different cell populations, sort rare and single cells with the S3e Cell Sorter, and perform traditional immunocytochemistry and histochemistry studies for biomarkers in live or fixed cells right at your bench with the ZOE Cell Imager.

Companion Products for Cellular Biomarker Discovery

  • ZE5 Cell Analyzer

    • Characterize the cellular universe using multiparameter cell analysis to identify and validate biomarkers
    • Monitor up to 30 parameters simultaneously, using up to 5 lasers, and identify cell subtypes faster and with more precision
    • Fast data acquisition rate allows rare or transient cell types to be analyzed
    • Small-particle detection to analyze biomarkers in exosomes
  • S3e Cell Sorter

    • Sort and analyze cells at your bench to support biomarker discovery and validation assays
    • Up to 3 lasers provide the flexibility needed to distinguish & sort subtly different cell populations
    • Cells are sorted quickly and gently while maintaining sensitivity and precision for downstream assays