Bio-Plex® 3D Suspension Array System



Bio-Plex® 3D Assay Compatibility Chart
Assay Panels Bio-Plex 3D Assay Compatability
Bio-Plex Pro™ human cytokine 27-plex (Group I)
Bio-Plex Pro human cytokine 21-plex (Group II)
Bio-Plex Pro human cytokine 17-plex (Group I)
Bio-Plex Pro human cytokine 8-plex (Group I)
Bio-Plex Pro human Th1/Th2 9-plex (Group I)
Bio-Plex Pro human ICAM-1 (Group II)
Bio-Plex Pro human VCAM-1 (Group II)
Bio-Plex Pro mouse cytokine 23-plex (Group I)
Bio-Plex Pro mouse 8-plex (Group I)
Bio-Plex Pro mouse Th1-Th2 8-plex (Group I)
Bio-Plex rat cytokine assays
Bio-Plex phosphoprotein singleplex assays
Bio-Plex total protein singleplex assays
Bio-Plex Pro human diabetes 10-plex
Bio-Plex Pro mouse diabetes 8-plex
Bio-Plex Pro human acute phase 4-plex
Bio-Plex Pro human acute phase 5-plex
Bio-Plex Pro human angiogenesis 9-plex
Bio-Plex® Precision Pro™ human cytokine 10-plex
Bio-Plex Pro human isotyping 7-plex
Bio-Plex Pro human diabetes 12-plex + 2-plex


System Comparison Chart: Bio-Plex® 200 and Bio-Plex 3D Systems
  Bio-Plex 200 System Bio-Plex 3D System
Assay read time 35–40 min <20 min
Multiplexing Up to 100 analytes Up to 500 analytes
Plate compatibility 96 well 96 or 384 well
Automation ready Additional program required for integration Yes

The Bio-Plex® 3D system was developed to meet the needs of the high-throughput laboratory. Design features that significantly reduce run time include rapid reading times, an automation-compatible tray design, and software that is compatible with both LIS and robotics systems.

Test* Read Time**, min Tests/Hour
96-well (100-plex) 18 32,000
384-well (100-plex) 75 30,700
96-well (500-plex) 45 64,000
384-well (500-plex) 135 85,000

* 50 µl well volume, 2,500 beads per well.
** Read times measured across 4 instruments. Actual results may vary.

Bio-Plex® 3D System FAQs

FAQs for the Bio-Plex 3D Suspension Array System

Listed below are some commonly asked questions regarding basic functions of the Bio-Plex 3D system.

Q. Can the same beads for the Bio-Plex 3D system be used for the Bio-Plex 100/200 systems?
A. Bio-Plex 3D system bead regions 1–100 can be used on the Bio-Plex 100/200 systems. Regions 101–500 cannot be used on Bio-Plex 100/200 systems.
Q. What software version is compatible with Bio-Plex 3D system?
A. The Bio-Plex 3D system must use xPONENT version 4.0 software to acquire data because this version has the three-dimensional bead map required for running the instrument. Bio-Plex Manager™ software can be used for data analysis. After acquisition of data with xPONENT software, export the file in CSV format and convert it to an RBX file using Bio-Rad’s RBX generator. The RBX file can be used for data analysis by Bio-Plex Manager software.
Q. Are the calibration and verification beads for Bio-Plex 100/200 systems and Bio-Plex 3D system the same?
A. No, the Bio-Plex 3D system utilizes its own set of calibration and verification beads, which are different from those used for Bio-Plex 100/200 systems.
Q. How often must I perform calibration with the Bio-Plex 3D system?
A. Calibration is recommended once a week. Performance verification is recommended every day. You can choose both options when System Initialization is selected.
Q. Must I remeasure the probe height prior to each plate reading if the same type of plate is used?
A. No, once the probe height is adjusted for a particular plate, the adjustment can be saved. If a new plate type is used, it must be readjusted (use the metal disk provided by Luminex Corporation) to acquire its probe height. It is recommended to readjust probe height whenever the probe is replaced for cleaning.
Q. What are reasons for calibration or verification failure of Bio-Plex 3D instruments?
A. • Beads are not fully suspended
• Wrong lot number or wrong target values were entered
• Calibration or verification beads are in the wrong well
• <5 drops calibration or verification beads were used
• Lots are expired
• The sample probe height is incorrect or the probe is clogged
• There is a clog or partial clog in the instrument
• The waste line was moved during operation (the waste line must be stabilized during operation)
Q. How do I add new kit lots/values?
A. A CD is included with each kit that contains all kit information. This CD is unique to each lot and is included with both calibration and verification kits. This information can also be downloaded from the Luminex website:
Q. Do I have to input the DD gates once I select the correct bead type?
A. Once the MagPlex or MicroPlex bead type is selected, the instrument automatically determines the correct DD gates to use. This range will not be displayed. The user may adjust the DD gates manually if required.
Q. Do I need to create a protocol before I create the batch?
A. You may create either the batch or the protocol first. In Batch setup, protocols and batches can be created simultaneously and can be saved separately to preserve experimental setup for later use.
Q. What are the expected read times for a 96-well and 384-well plate on the Bio-Plex 3D system?
A. For a 96-well plate, the read time is approximately 20 min and for 384-well plate it is 1 hr and 15 min.
Q. Can Bio-Plex assays be run on the Bio-Plex 3D system?
A. Bio-Plex assays that use MicroPlex or MagPlex beads can be run on the Bio-Plex 3D system. Refer to the assay instruction manual for correct bead regions and bead type. Bio-Plex assays that use Bio-Rad 8.0 µm magnetic beads cannot be run on the Bio-Plex 3D system. These assays include the Bio-Plex® Precision Pro™ human cytokine 10-plex and the Bio-Plex Pro disease research assays. Check the Compatibility Chart found on the Bio-Plex 3D webpage by going to
Q. Is there a hardware protection key included with the Bio-Plex 3D system?
A. No, the license is input into the software manually.
Q. What is the difference between enhanced PMT and standard PMT and what determines which one should be selected?
A. Generally, you should always use enhanced PMT as it offers benefits over standard PMT in the dynamic range of many assays. Standard PMT is offered as an option for customers who have historically run their Bio-Plex 100/200 systems at the lower setting and desire to continue doing so.
Q. Most of my samples are very dirty. Can I setup a more thorough maintenance routine to clean the system?
A. Yes, you can setup custom maintenance routines. Go to the Maintenance tab, select the button for Cmds & Routines, enter the desired steps, and save the routine. These routines will then be available in the Cmds & Routines window.
Q. Can I set up the system to automatically export data to Bio-Plex Manager software for analysis?
A. Yes, the system can be set up to automatically create a Bio-Plex Manager RBX file and then automatically open the data in Bio-Plex Manager software for ease of analysis.
Standard Curves with Unknown Concentrations

Bio-Plex Pro™ human 27-plex standard curves with samples of unknown concentrations generated using the Bio-Plex® 200 and Bio-Plex 3D systems. The standard curves have similar shapes and slopes. The samples (Δ) fall within the same region of both standard curves. Values are shown for IL-6. Curves were generated using Bio-Plex Manager 6.0 software.

Sample Concentrations with the Two Bio-Plex<sup>&reg;</sup> Systems

Concentrations of samples from a representative assay analyzed using Bio-Plex 200 and Bio-Plex 3D systems. The concentration values were the same for all the samples tested with Bio-Plex Pro™ human 27-plex group I cytokines. Values are shown for IL-6.

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The Bio-Plex® 3D suspension array system is the next generation multiplexing platform based on xMAP technology. Expanded multiplexing capability, faster time to results, and automation capability make it the platform of choice for high-throughput testing for nucleic acid and protein applications.

  • Measure up to 500 unique analytes in a single sample
  • 96- and 384-well plate capability
  • Plate read times twice as fast as the Bio-Plex/Luminex 200 system
  • Robotics interfacing capabilities
  • LIS-compatible software
  • Compatible with the magnetic and nonmagnetic assays
  • Bio-Plex Manager™ software version 6.0 for data analysis
  • Onsite training

Bio-Rad's Bio-Plex assays can be used with this system. Please check the Bio-Plex 3D Assay Compatibility Chart in the overview before buying assays of interest.

Bio-Plex 3D Instrument

The system comes with all instrument components combined in one shell, a PC, an arm-mounted monitor, keyboard, mouse, sheath fluid, an empty sheath container, a calibration kit and performance verification kit (shipped separately), and an accessory kit with probes, heater blocks, and cables. The system comes with the base version of the xPONENT 4.0 software. As an added value, the system will also come with Bio-Plex Manager software version 6.0 for data analysis.

Optional Upgrades for the Bio-Plex 3D system

Optional Software Modules
All optional modules can be added when purchasing a system. After the purchase of the system, all optional upgrades can be purchased directly through Luminex Corporation.

21CFR Part 11 Module
xPONENT software provides users the opportunity to enable the 21CFR Part 11 module for regulatory compliance. This module maintains data integrity through the use of electronic signatures. The 21CFR Part 11 module contains the Basic Security module.

LIS Module
This module enables xPONENT 4.0 software to transmit and receive data from laboratory information systems (LIS) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS) using an ASTM file format.

Automation Module
The xPONENT 4.0 software facilitates communication/integration between front-end automation devices and Bio-Plex 3D system. The front-end automation provider can build the required driver through an application programming interface (API), which will be supplied with the automation interface module.

Extra Seat Licenses
Extra software seats allow software to be installed on PCs for data analysis away from the instrument. The system comes with one instrument and two desktop PC licenses. Extra seats come in groups of 3. The maximum number of seat licenses per system is 15.

Swivel Base
The system can be purchased with an optional swivel base that allows the unit to rotate by 90° in either direction. This can simplify connection of this system to certain automation platforms. The swivel base can be purchased either at the same time as the instrument or later.

Multiplexing capability Up to 500 Individual analytes
Dynamic range 4.5 logs
Physical dimensions (W x D x H) 58.4 x 63.5 x 54.7 cm (23 x 25.7 x 18")
Weight No more than 91 kg (200 lb)
Plate heater operating range 35–60°C (95–131°F)
System warm up* 30 min
Sheath fluid pressure 8–15 psi
Sample injection rate 2 µl/sec
Sample uptake volume 20–200 µl
Classification laser 635 nm
Reporter laser 532 nm
* The Bio-Plex 3D system is a class 1(I) laser product.  

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Bio-Plex® 3D Suspension Array System

Multiplex array system, includes instrument, xPONENT 4.0 acquisition software, PC, calibration and verification reagents, Bio-Plex Manager™ 6.0 desktop license

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xPONENT 21 CFR Part 11 Software Module

Software module, allows U.S. FDA 21 CFR 11 compliance, for use with Bio-Plex® system

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xPONENT Automation Module

Software module, allows interfacing with robotics workstations, for use with Bio-Plex® system

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(Discontinued) Swivel Base

Mounting base, allows rotation of the instrument away from the robotics workstation for ease of maintenance and sample loading

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
xPONENT LIS Software Module

Software module, allows interfacing with laboratory information system databases, for use with Bio-Plex® system

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xPONENT Extra Seat Licenses (3 seats)

Adds three users to existing xPONENT software license; up to 15 seats can be added in this way

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