Monoclonal Antibody Purification

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Delivering more than just resins, at Bio-Rad you’ll find robust solutions for challenging purifications by working with our experienced monoclonal antibody purification support scientists.

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While most monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification for process development begins with Protein A, you will often need intermediate and polishing steps to achieve full separation of your therapeutic from host cell proteins (HCPs), aggregates, and other contaminants.

At Bio-Rad, you will find a full range of quality resins that can take you from process development into manufacturing. Even better, you will also find a team of experienced bioprocess scientists ready to help you overcome any purification challenges. Whether you are purifying a monoclonal antibody, bispecific antibody, an antibody-drug conjugate, or any antibody format, you will find our selection of unique selectivity resins will meet your biomolecule purification needs.

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    Did you know?

    The first proteins were described in 1789 by the French chemist Antoine Fourcroy, a contemporary of Antoine Lavoisier. Fourcroy described albumin, fibrin, and gelatin.1

Find a Resin for Every Stage of Purification

Find a resin for every stage of purification
  • Capture

    If you are wanting to move away from Protein A and want an alternative like ion exchange, you will find an effective resin for your purification development.

    Learn about our capture purification resins »

  • Intermediate Polishing

    When your goal is to remove impurities like HCPs and aggregates, you are most likely looking for an ion exchange resin. We offer anion and cation exchange resins that offer high productivity and the ability to maintain performance after multiple cleaning-in-place (CIP) cycles.

    Learn about selecting the optimal resin for aggregate removal »

  • Final Polishing

    Ion exchange chromatography is a great choice for removing closely related molecules and mixed-mode resins can effectively purify with high yield and achieve purity in a two-step purification workflow. Our mixed-mode library includes CHT, a cationic metal affinity resin, Nuvia cPrime, a hydrophobic cationic exchange resin, and Nuvia aPrime 4A, a hydrophobic anionic exchange resin.

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Custom Seminars

Our team of purification scientists is available to assist you with method and process development. Request a custom seminar to discuss your purification needs with our experienced scientists.

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Browse a collection of resources, including resin information and sample request, technical videos and tutorials, application notes, and strategy guides to help with your purification success, from development to commercialization.



  1. Tanford C, Reynolds J. Nature’s Robots: A History of Proteins. OUP Oxford; 2003.

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