Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Horizontal Electrophoresis System, 15 x 7 cm tray, with gel caster and casting gates #1704485



Horizontal electrophoresis system, includes 15- and 20-well combs, 15 x 7 cm (W x L) UV-transparent tray, casting gates, mini-gel caster



Choose the Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Horizontal Electrophoresis System for economical, fast nucleic acid separations. Cast your own gels right in the cell using the gel casting gates. Extend the capability of the system with a 15 x 10 cm tray and a gel caster for hand casting larger gels.

  • Easily removed QuickSnap electrodes for simple cleaning
  • UV-transparent clear gel tray with fluorescent ruler
  • Longer tabs on base for easy lid removal and reduced buffer spillage; lid cannot be incorrectly positioned
  • Includes a gel caster for tape-free casting and casting gates to cast gels right in the cell
  • ReadyAgarose Precast Gels lock securely into the chamber — save time and get reproducible separations

Product Contents

  • Buffer tank
  • Lid with cables
  • 15 x 7 cm tray
  • Leveling bubble
  • 15- and 20-well combs
  • Casting gates
  • Mini-gel caster

Configuration Options

Catalog Number UV-Transparent Tray (W x L) 15- and 20-Well Combs
Casting Gates (1704425) Mini Gel Caster (1704422) PowerPac Basic Power Supply (1645050)
15 x 7 cm (1704426) 15 x 10 cm (1704416)


*Wide Mini ReadySub-Cell GT Systems are dedicated to running ReadyAgarose Precast Gels. A gel casting kit (1704497) is available to upgrade for hand casting.



More Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

  Mini-Sub Cell GT System Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT System Sub-Cell GT System
Gel Tray Options (W x L) 7 x 7 cm
7 x 10 cm
15 x 7 cm
15 x 10 cm
15 x 10 cm
15 x 15 cm
15 x 20 cm
15 x 25 cm
Max Sample Number 30** 60** 120***


**With 2 combs per gel
***With 4 combs per gel



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