PowerPac™ Basic Power Supply #1645050



100–120/220–240 V, power supply for basic applications such as submerged horizontal gel electrophoresis, includes power cord



Use the PowerPac Basic Power Supply for applications such as mini and midi vertical gel and submerged horizontal electrophoresis, and blotting using the Mini Trans-Blot® Cell. The power supply is fully programmable for either constant current or voltage, and either timed or untimed.

Features include:

  • Pause mode for editing run parameters, or stopping and resuming the run
  • Power failure detection in timed mode; when power returns run will complete
  • Automatic detection of rapid changes in resistance, and no load conditions
  • Compact and stackable
  • Flip-down legs to change viewing angle

To prevent damage to electrophoresis cells, the PowerPac Basic Power Supply has automatic crossover. When the set limit of the nonconstant parameter (either voltage or current, depending on settings) is reached, and the power capability of the unit is not exceeded, the power supply will make the nonconstant parameter the new constant parameter.

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Output specifications
10–300 V, fully adjustable in 1 V steps
4–400 mA, fully adjustable in 1 mA steps
75 W (maximum)
Type of output
Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover
Output terminals
4 pair recessed banana jacks in parallel
Timer control
1 min–99 hr 59 min, fully adjustable
Pause/resume function
3-digit LED
Operating Conditions
0–40°C; 0–95% humidity in absence of condensation
Safety compliance
Safety features
No-load detection; rapid resistance change detection, ground leak detection, overload/short circuit detection, overvoltage protection, over-temperature protection
Input protection
Fuse on hot and neutral
Dimensions (W x D x H), cm/in
21 x 24.5 x 6.5/8.3 x 9.6 x 2.6
Weight, kg/lb