Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Horizontal Electrophoresis System, 15 x 10 cm tray, with PowerPac Basic Power Supply #1640301



Wide horizontal electrophoresis system, includes 15- and 20-well combs, gel caster, 15 x 10 cm (W x L) UV-transparent tray, basic power supply (1645050)



Choose the Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT Horizontal Electrophoresis System for economical, fast nucleic acid separations. The wide small format system can run up to 60 samples simultaneously and includes a gel caster for hand casting.

  • Easily removed QuickSnap electrodes for simple cleaning
  • UV-transparent clear gel tray with fluorescent ruler
  • Longer tabs on base for easy lid removal and reduced buffer spillage; lid cannot be incorrectly positioned
  • Includes PowerPac Basic Power Supply and gel caster for tape-free casting
  • ReadyAgarose Precast Gels lock securely into the chamber — save time and get reproducible separations

Product Contents

  • Buffer tank
  • Lid with cables
  • 15 x 10 cm tray
  • Leveling bubble
  • 15- and 20-well combs
  • Gel caster
  • PowerPac Basic Power Supply

Configuration Options

Catalog Number UV-Transparent Tray (W x L) 15- and 20-Well Combs
Casting Gates (1704425) Gel Caster (1704422) PowerPac Basic Power Supply (1645050)
15 x 7 cm (1704426) 15 x 10 cm (1704416)

*Wide Mini ReadySub-Cell GT Systems are dedicated to running ReadyAgarose Precast Gels. A gel casting kit (1704497) is available to upgrade for hand casting.


More Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems

  Mini-Sub Cell GT System Wide Mini-Sub Cell GT System Sub-Cell GT System
Gel Tray Options (W x L) 7 x 7 cm
7 x 10 cm
15 x 7 cm
15 x 10 cm
15 x 10 cm
15 x 15 cm
15 x 20 cm
15 x 25 cm
Max Sample Number 30** 60** 120***

**With 2 combs per gel
***With 4 combs per gel


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