EconoFit Aggregate Clearance Pack #17007894

EconoFit Aggregate Clearance Pack


A collection of four columns for screening and use in protein aggregate removal.



Highly purified samples of a given biomolecule are required for many biochemical or biophysical characterizations. In addition to purity, it is also important to consider analysis and/or removal of aggregates of monomers. Aggregates can either skew or hinder efforts to characterize a target biomolecule. In therapeutic settings, the presence of aggregates can hamper the efficacy of the therapeutic biomolecule, its storage stability or pharmacokinetic properties relative to the monomeric version. The EconoFit Aggregate Clearance Pack is a collection of four columns with different resins that have been shown to deliver efficient aggregate clearance.

The pack consists of three mixed-mode supports and an ion exchange support that can be individually screened to determine the optimal resin for your biomolecule purification. Please also refer to our practical guide on selecting the optimal resin for aggregate removal, as well as additional bulletins mentioned below.

The EconoFit Aggregate Clearance Pack Consists of the Following Columns:

Packed Support (1 ml) Catalog Number
CHT XT 12009261
Nuvia HR-S 12009284
Nuvia aPrime 4A 12009280
Nuvia cPrime 12009281


CHT XT Media

CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT Media provides unparalleled selectivity and enables resolution of mixtures presenting as homogenous by other media. This mixed-mode media enables biomolecules to interact through calcium affinity or cation exchange interactions. It is highly effective at aggregate removal, and it is an exceptional tool for polishing steps, for instance in mAb purifications (see our application note for more details).

Nuvia HR-S Resin

This high-resolution cation exchange resin can be utilized for both intermediate as well as final polishing purification steps in different workflows. It is ideal for the separation of closely related biomolecules and high molecular weight impurities. For instance, Nuvia HR-S Resin effectively clears aggregates from an antibody sample with high initial aggregate content. In addition, Nuvia HR-S Resin provides significantly higher percent recovery than a comparable agarose-based, small-particle cation exchange resin (see our technical note for more details).

Nuvia aPrime 4A and Nuvia cPrime Resins

Nuvia aPrime 4A and Nuvia cPrime Resins are hydrophobic anion exchange and cation exchange resins, respectively. Both can function effectively across a wide range of salt concentrations and pH, making them suitable for easy integration into a multistep purification workflow. They are effective for the purification of salt- and pH-sensitive biomolecules with minimal lysate conditioning, meaning samples can often be applied to the columns without buffer dilution or exchange. They offer excellent clearance of aggregates while also providing optimal recovery of biomolecules of interest at fast flow rates (see our application note and technical note for more details).

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CHT XT, Nuvia HR-S, Nuvia aPrime 4A and Nuvia cPrime Media are also available in other prepacked as well as bulk resin formats, enabling scale-up from laboratory-scale to process-scale purifications.



Number Description Options
Instruction Manual, EconoFit Nuvia HR-S Columns
Instruction Manual, EconoFit CHT, CHT XT, MPC and CFT Columns
Instruction Manual, EconoFit aPrime 4A and cPrime Columns
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Mixed-Mode Chromatography: Hydrophobic Ion Exchange Resins Flier
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