20x XT MOPS Running Buffer Kit #1610793



Pkg of 1, electrophoresis buffer kit, includes 500 ml XT MOPS Running Buffer, 10 ml 4x XT Sample Buffer, 1 ml XT Reducing Agent
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use XT MOPS running buffer for protein separation when using Criterion™ XT Bis-Tris Precast Gels. These long life gels can be used with either XT MOPS or XT MES running buffers, to give the flexibility of different protein separation ranges.

Criterion XT Bis-Tris Gels

Optimum Separation Range

  XT MOPS Buffer XT MES Buffer
10% 14–220 kD 2.5–200 kD
12% 6-66 kD 1–30 kD
4–12% 10-300 kD 2.5–200 kD

Packaging Options

XT MOPS Running Buffer, 500 ml (1610788)
XT MOPS Buffer Kit, includes 500 ml XT MOPS running buffer, 10 ml 4x XT sample buffer, 1 ml XT reducing agent (1610793)

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