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The Bio-Rad Explorer™ program was designed to assist educators teaching introductory biotechnology by providing a broad spectrum of hands-on activities based on real-world laboratory research experiences. Students learn critical thinking skills while experiencing and learning up-to-date science. All content is aligned with the Common Core Standards and Next-Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Explore the site, investigate the comprehensive range of kits, find ideas and information, and participate in the community.

Courses and Subject Areas

Community Explorer — Courses and Subject Areas

The Courses and Subject Areas section of the Explorer Community classifies all the Bio-Rad Explorer products into their corresponding courses and subject areas and provides more information about each of these areas.

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From the Educator

Community Explorer — From the Educator

Share your lesson plans, stories, and artwork and get ideas on how to inspire and excite your students. Learn how other educators are presenting their curricula, and read articles discussing the use of Bio-Rad Explorer products and evaluating their effectiveness. See science-themed artwork from professional artists, teachers, and students. Read stories from fellow educators or submit your own success story or a funny, interesting, or motivating anecdote.

Topics Include

Partners in Education

Community Explorer — Partners in Education

Bio-Rad partners with teachers, schools, educational organizations, nonprofit organizations, and industry to build and expand the Bio-Rad Explorer program. Learn about our Partners in Education and discover some of the ways that biotechnology is incorporated into education.

Preparing for Class

Preparing for Class

Bio-Rad provides a range of resources for teaching and professional development opportunities. Online resources include webinars, video tutorials on core lab skills, slide decks, and a map of the pGLO™ plasmid. Find out where and how to apply for funding and apply for Bio-Rad awards and grants. Bio-Rad also offers free professional development workshops (U.S. and Canada only).

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