Comparative Proteomics Kit I: Protein Profiler Module

Comparative Proteomics Kit I: Protein Profiler Module

Bioinformatics includes the collection, storage, analysis, interpretation, visualization, and presentation of biological data. The increasing speed and throughput of techniques such as DNA sequencing have resulted in an exponential increase in the amount of data being collected and analyzed. As bioinformatics has become an integral part of many areas of biological research, an understanding of bioinformatics basics has become an essential part of biology instruction. Many of the Biotechnology Explorer™ kits and series have bioinformatics components. Additionally, many can be used to create context for exploring different components of bioinformatics.

Related Kits for Bioinformatics

C. elegans Behavior Kit
Compare a wild-type strain of C. elegans to a neurologic mutant to understand how a loss of the AIY and ASE neurons impacts learning capacity through a chemotaxis experiment.

Comparative Proteomics Kit I: Protein Profiler Module
Show students how to use protein electrophoresis, the most widely used technique in life science research, to study protein structure and function and explore evolutionary relationships.

Comparative Proteomics Kit II: Western Blot Module
Teach students to use antibodies to identify one protein among hundreds and distinguish closely and distantly related species of fish via western blotting.

Rapid Blotting and V3 Western Workflow™
Teach your students about a new chemistry that allows visualization of proteins separated on PAGE gels without staining. Complete a western blotting workflow in one 3-hour lab block!

PV92 PCR Informatics Kit
Allow your students to use real-world forensic techniques to extract DNA from their hair follicles or cheek cells and then fingerprint their own DNA using PCR and electrophoresis.

Fish DNA Barcoding Kit
Combine PCR and DNA sequencing techniques to teach your students how to genetically identify different fish species.

Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series — All Eight Modules
Clone and analyze a real gene with the Cloning and Sequencing Explorer series, a 6–8 week sequence of laboratory activities ranging from DNA extraction to bioinformatics analysis.


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