Polyacrylamide Gel Reagents

  • Handcast gels ready to run in as little as 30 min
  • Visualize proteins in 5 minutes with Stain-Free technology
  • Store handcast gels for 1 month after casting


Acrylamide powders, premixed acrylamide/bis powders, and premixed acrylamide/bis solutions are offered for handcasting polyacrylamide gels. Standard and alternative cross-linkers and catalysts are available.

Category Products

  • tgx-fastcast-acrylamide-solutions-thumb.jpg
    TGX FastCast Acrylamide Solutions
    TGX FastCast acrylamide kits for hand casting polyacrylamide gels enable fast, easy casting and produce long-life gels. Gels made from FastCast kits have shorter run times and higher transfer efficiency.
  • tgx-stain-free-fastcast-acrylamide-solutions-thumb.jpg
    TGX Stain-Free™ FastCast™ Acrylamide Solutions
    TGX Stain-Free FastCast acrylamide kits for hand casting polyacrylamide gels enable fast casting, long shelf life gels, short run times, high transfer efficiency, and protein visualization in 5 minutes with stain-free technology.
  • lsr_detergent_pdtn.jpg
    Detergents for Protein Sample Preparation
    Bio-Rad offers both highly purified SDS powder and 10% and 20% SDS solutions. Tween 20 for blotting and Triton X-100 and CHAPS for membrane protein solubilization are also available.