Mini-PROTEAN® Precast Gels

Mini-PROTEAN and TGX precast gels for electrophoresis - Mini-PROTEAN Precast Gels
  • Faster electrophoresis
  • No special buffers required
  • Long shelf life
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Mini-PROTEAN precast gels include Mini-PROTEAN TGX™ and TGX Stain-Free™, Tris/tricine, TBE, and TBE/urea polyacrylamide gels. These high-quality precast gels are designed for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell.

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    Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free Precast Gels

    Mini-PROTEAN TGX Stain-Free precast gels for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) allow for fast run times, high transfer efficiency, and rapid detection of proteins with stain-free enabled imagers.

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    Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ Precast Gels

    Mini-PROTEAN TGX precast gels feature long shelf life and superior resolution in standard Tris/glycine PAGE buffers, fast run times, and high transfer efficiency. Available in six polyacrylamide gel percentages and two pack sizes.

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    Mini-PROTEAN® Tris/Tricine Precast Gels

    Mini-PROTEAN Tris/tricine precast gels are ideal for the separation of peptides and small proteins with molecular weights <10 kD. These polyacrylamide gels improve resolution by slowing the migration rates of peptide-SDS complexes.

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    Mini-PROTEAN® TBE Precast Gels

    Mini-PROTEAN TBE precast gels are designed for the electrophoresis of nucleic acids from 50 to 2,000 base pairs long. Ideal for PAGE analysis of PCR product purity, standard dsDNA analysis, and RNase protection assays.

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    Mini-PROTEAN® TBE-Urea Precast Gels

    Mini-PROTEAN TBE/urea precast gels maintain denaturing conditions for the analysis of single-stranded DNA and RNA in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Nucleic acids between 60 and 200 bases long are resolved as sharp, distinct bands.