RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar for Water Testing

RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar  for Water Testing


A high color-contrast agar method for direct E. coli and coliform counts, with no false positive results and no confirmation steps.

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RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar for Water Testing is composed of the RAPID'E.coli 2 Chromogenic Medium and a selective supplement. The agar medium provides direct enumeration, without confirmation, of E. coli and other coliforms in water samples.

Intended Use

This test is designed for the simultaneous detection and enumeration of E. coli and total coliforms in water for human consumption and untreated water such as well water, lakes, and streams where there is abundant microbial flora.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable results comparable to TTC Tergitol (NF VALIDATION)
  • Single plate for direct enumeration of both E. coli and coliforms
  • Good recovery of stressed and chlorine-injured E. coli (weakly positive β-glucuronidase)
  • High selectivity against interfering flora
  • Complete results within 21 hr ± 3 hr at 36°C
  • Excellent color contrast for quick straightforward reading
  • No confirmation step required
  • Certified NF VALIDATION as an alternative method to the EN ISO 93038-1 standard


RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar for Water Testing is based on the simultaneous detection of β-D-glucuronidase (GLUC) and β-D-galactosidase (GAL) activities. Coliforms (GAL+/GLUC-) form green colonies, whereas for E. coli (GAL+/GLUC+) the combined GAL and GLUC (pink) enzyme activities result in blue to violet colonies.

Interfering flora in water is inhibited by the supplement making RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar a good choice for testing water for human consumption and untreated water (such as water from wells, lakes, and rivers) where standard media are often not suitable.

green colonies

E. coli: blue colonies
with a possible violet halo

Stressed or injured E.coli:
grey-blue to violet colonies with a possible violet halo


Ordering Information


RAPID'E.coli 2 Agar for Water Testing is available as:

  • Ready-to-use agar plates containing the selective supplement (3563982)
  • Agar broth + selective supplement (3555299). Supplement is added after cooling melted broth to 47°C prior to pouring plates
  • Dehydrated agar broth (3564024). Selective supplement (3555298) is added to the cooled rehydrated molten agar broth prior to pouring plates

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Pkg of 1, 500 g of dehydrated agar broth, enough for 13.5 L of medium

Pkg of 6, 100 ml bottles



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