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Supporting our customers is fundamental to Bio-Rad. On this page you will find user guides, tech notes, contact information, and other resources that are there to help you get the most out of your ZE5 Cell Analyzer.

If you are just getting started with flow cytometry, we have extensive, free learning resources that you can use to build your flow cytometry knowledge. Flow Cytometry Explained is an essential hub of knowledge that includes articles, webinars, tips, guidance, and support as well as resources such as our handy Fluorescence Spectraviewer and Multicolor Panel Builder, all aimed at helping you to get the best data possible from any instrument.

User Guides for the ZE5 Cell Analyzer

Here you can find guides for getting started using the ZE5 Cell Analyzer and maintaining instrument performance.

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    ZE5 Quick Guide

    ZE5 Cell Analyzer Quick Guide

    Provides a brief, user focused guide to getting started with the ZE5 Cell Analyzer and covers the following topics: start-up, experimental setup, data acquisition and analysis, and instrument shutdown.

    Download the Quick Guide

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    ZE5 Laser Beam

    ZE5 Cell Analyzer and Everest Software User Guide

    A detailed and comprehensive guide to the ZE5 Cell Analyzer including its software and hardware components, operation, maintenance, trouble shooting, and specifications.

    Download the Everest Software Guide

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    Enable Vacation Mode

    Maintaining the ZE5 Cell Analyzer When Not in Use

    Use this guide to maintain your instrument’s performance when not in use. Includes instructions on how to enable vacation mode for periods of downtime of up to a month and how to prepare your instrument for long term storage.

    Download the Maintenance Guide

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    Data Scaling Settings

    ZE5 Cell Analyzer Data Scaling Settings in Third-Party Analysis Software Quick Guide

    Many modern third-party analysis software packages are capable of automatically recognizing ZE5 Cell Analyzer data and scaling appropriately. If you are still having scaling issues refer to this guide.

    Download the Data Scaling Guide

Tech Notes

Detailed technical explanations and protocols that extend the functionality of the ZE5 Cell Analyzer.

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    Standardizing Assays

    Standardizing Assays on ZE5 Cell Analyzers

    Enhanced standardization of assays within and across instruments to ensure experiment reproducibility and data reliability. May be used for long term or multi-instrument standardization.

    Download Standardizing Assays Tech note

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    Calibration Factor Calculation Graph

    Absolute Counts Using the ZE5 Cell Analyzer and Everest Software

    Compare the performance of volumetric counting as calculated by the ZE5 Cell Analyzer to volumetric counting as calculated using an internal reference standard for a given set of conditions.

    Download Absolute Counts Guide

Technical Support

Need help? If you require assistance with our products or services, please contact our Customer or Technical Support.

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