iQ-Check® Screen L. pneumophila Real-Time PCR Detection Kit #3578105



Pkg of 1, kit for PCR detection of Legionella pneumophila, includes PCR mix, positive and negative controls, internal amplification control, for 96 tests

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Choose the iQ-Check Screen L. pneumophila spp. Real-Time PCR Detection Kit for the detection of Legionella pneumophila in different types of aqueous samples. Use with the Aquadien™ Bacterial DNA Extraction and Purification Kit (3578121) to obtain rapid reproducible detection.

Features and Benefits

  • Use with samples from water systems, swimming and thermal pools, and other water sources, as well as aerosols and biofilms
  • Results in one day including DNA extraction and purification, unlike traditional methods that can take 10 to 13 days
  • Optimized protocol available for samples containing PCR inhibitors

For quantification use iQ-Check Quanti L. pneumophila Real-Time PCR Quantification Kit (3578103)

Kit Contents

  • Fluorescent probes — 1 x 0.55 ml
  • Amplification mix — 1 x 4.4 ml
  • PCR negative control — 1 x 0.5 ml
  • PCR positive control — 1 x 0.25 ml



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