iQ-Check® Screen Legionella spp. Real-Time PCR Detection Kit #3578104


Pkg of 1, kit for PCR detection of Legionella spp., includes PCR mix, positive and negative controls, internal amplification control, for 96 tests

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Choose the iQ-Check Screen Legionella spp. Real-Time PCR Detection Kit for the detection of Legionella spp. including Legionella pneumophila in different types of aqueous samples. Use with the Aquadien™ Bacterial DNA Extraction and Purification Kit (3578121) to obtain rapid reproducible detection.

Features and Benefits

  • Use with samples from water systems, swimming and thermal pools, and other water sources, as well as aerosols and biofilms
  • Results in one day including DNA extraction and purification, unlike traditional methods that can take 10 to 13 days
  • Optimized protocol available for samples containing PCR inhibitors

For quantification use iQ-Check Quanti Legionella spp. Real-Time PCR Quantification Kit (3578102)

Kit Contents

  • Fluorescent probes — 1 x 0.55 ml
  • Amplification mix — 1 x 4.4 ml
  • PCR negative control — 1 x 0.5 ml
  • PCR positive control — 1 x 0.25 ml


Certified NF VALIDATION according to the ISO 16140 standard and validated by the AOAC

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iQ-Check Screen Legionella spp Kit  (SDS)gene

Bulletin# 357-8104-MSDS

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