QX200™ ddPCR™ EvaGreen Supermix #1864036



5,000 x 20 µl reactions, 50 ml (10 x 5 ml), 2x supermix, for use in sample preparation with the droplet generator in the QX600/QX200 Droplet Digital™ PCR System

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use this EvaGreen Digital PCR Supermix with Droplet Generation Oil and the QX600/QX200 Droplet Digital (ddPCR™) System.

  • Contains a dsDNA-binding dye that enables double-stranded DNA detection following amplification
  • Optimized for the amplification and detection of DNA targets using commercially available EvaGreen Assays
  • Allows the seamless transition from SYBR® Green Assays to EvaGreen Assays

Packaging Options

Number of 20 µl Reactions Packaging Catalog Number
200 2 x 1 ml 186-4033
500 5 x 1 ml 186-4034
2,500 5 x 5 ml 186-4035
5,000 10 x 5 ml 186-4036

Additional Reagents

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More Information

This EvaGreen Supermix is optimized for use with Droplet Generation Oil for EvaGreen and the QX600 or QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System.

Droplet Generation Oil for EvaGreen comes in two sizes: 14 ml (186-4005) and 70 ml (186-4006).