SsoFast™ EvaGreen® Supermix with Low ROX, 500 x 20 µl rxns, 5 ml (5 x 1 ml) #1725211



5 ml, 2x real-time PCR mix, contains dNTPs, Sso7d fusion polymerase, MgCl2, ROX passive reference dye, stabilizers, for 500 x 20 µl reactions
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use SsoFast EvaGreen Supermix with Low ROX for fast, highly specific amplification. This supermix is designed for use with real-time PCR systems that have an excitation source and optical configuration that require lower levels of ROX. EvaGreen has similar spectral properties to SYBR® Green I and fluorescein.

Key Features and Benefits

  • EvaGreen has lower levels of PCR inhibition than SYBR® Green I, and can be used at higher concentrations to generate stronger signals
  • Patented Sso7d fusion polymerase* has a dsDNA-binding domain that stabilizes the polymerase- template complex, increasing processivity and reducing reaction times
  • Antibody-mediated hot start increases specificity since the polymerase is not active until after the initial denaturation

Applications and Uses

  • Dye-based qPCR detection
  • PCR and real-time PCR analysis
  • Nucleic acid amplification and expression profiling
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Genotyping studies
  • Genomics-related applications

Packaging Options

Number of 20 µl Reactions Supermix Volume, ml Catalog Number
   200   2 x 1 1725210
   500   5 x 1 1725211**
1,000 10 x 1 1725212**
2,000   1 x 20 1725213**

**Not available in Japan

See the SsoFast EvaGreen Supermix with Low ROX product page for more information and documentation.

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*U.S. patent 7,560,260.