EconoFit Large Biomolecule Purification Pack #17007893

A collection of six columns for the purification of large biomolecules.


A collection of six columns for the purification of large biomolecules.



Large biomolecules like viruses, IgMs, and plasma proteins are often difficult to purify due to their size. The EconoFit Large Biomolecule Purification Kit is a collection of six columns with different chromatography supports that have been optimized for large molecule purification. These supports can be individually screened to find the optimal resin for your biomolecule purification. We offer various selection guides to help you find optimal resins for your virus purification needs.

The EconoFit Large Biomolecule Purification Pack Consists of the Following Columns:

Packed Support (1 ml) Catalog Number
Nuvia Q 12009290
Nuvia HP-Q 12009282
CHT Type II, 40 µm 12009259
CHT XT 12009261
Nuvia aPrime 4A 12009280
Nuvia cPrime 12009281


Nuvia IEX Resins

Nuvia IEX Resins are a family of next generation ion exchangers designed to provide high binding capacities and/or exceptional resolution depending on chemistry and particle size chosen. Nuvia Resins are used at laboratory scale for high performance applications and scalable for bioprocess workflows. Nuvia Resins exhibit excellent stability with extended exposure to 1 M NaOH.

Nuvia Q Resin is an ultra-high binding capacity anion exchange resin with wide pH and flow rate working ranges providing a wide experimental design space for process developers. Nuvia Q Resin may be considered for the capture or polishing step in the purification of large viruses such as adenoviruses.

Nuvia HP-Q Resin is a high-capacity ion exchange resin specifically designed for the high throughput purification of large biomolecules such as high molecular weight plasma proteins IgA and IgM, viruses, VLPs, and PEGylated proteins. The particle size of the Nuvia HP-Q Resin is designed to offer high dynamic binding capacity at fast flow rates without excessive backpressure.

CHT Media

CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Media provides unparalleled selectivity and enables resolution of mixtures presenting as homogenous by other chromatography supports. CHT Mixed-Mode Media enable interaction with biomolecules through calcium affinity interactions and/or cation exchange interactions. The diverse binding capabilities of CHT Media for host cell proteins, leached protein A, nucleic acids, and viruses allow its use at any purification stage from initial capture to final polishing.

CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite can be used for the chromatographic separation of enveloped and nonenveloped viruses of diverse sizes. CHT Type II Media, with its large pore size, is the most effective for purification of very large biomolecules (>900 kD) such as IgM and viruses such as adenoviruses. Large to mid-size biomolecules (> 400 kD) may be purified either with CHT Type II or CHT XT Media.

Nuvia Mixed-Mode Resins

The Nuvia aPrime 4A Resin is a hydrophobic anion exchange resin, and the Nuvia cPrime Resin is a cation exchange resin that both function effectively across a wide range of salt concentrations and pH, making them suitable for easy integration into a multistep process. They are effective for the purification of salt- and pH-sensitive biomolecules with minimal sample conditioning, meaning samples can often be applied to the columns without buffer dilution or exchange.

Related Products

Nuvia Resins and CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Media are available in other prepacked formats, as well as bulk resins , enabling progression from laboratory-scale to process-scale purifications.

Selection Guides

For help with selecting the optimal resin(s) for virus purification, check out the following informational guides below:



Number Description Options
Instruction Manual, EconoFit Nuvia Q and S Columns
Instruction Manual, EconoFit Nuvia HP-Q Columns
Instruction Manual, EconoFit CHT, CHT XT, MPC and CFT Columns
Instruction Manual, EconoFit aPrime 4A and cPrime Columns
Practical Guide: Selecting the Optimal Resins for Adenovirus Process Purification, Ver A
Practical Guide: Selecting the Optimal Resins for Mammalian Virus Process Purification and Clearance, Ver A
Purification of an Acidic IgM with a Strong Anion Exchange Resin Tailored for Large Biomolecule Purification
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Development of an Efficient Manufacturing Process for Adenovirus, Ver A
Quick Virus Purification Strategy: Adenovirus Purification Flier, Ver A
Quick Virus Purification Strategy: H1N1 Purification
Single-Step Influenza and Dengue Virus Purification with Mixed-Mode CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT Media Application Note
Mammalian Virus Purification Using Ceramic Hydroxyapatite, Rev A
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Virus Reduction and Impurity Removal Potential of Nuvia aPrime 4A Resin Application Note
Mixed-Mode Chromatography: Ceramic Apatite Media Flier
Mixed-Mode Chromatography: Hydrophobic Ion Exchange Resins Flier
Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Application Guide for Process Development and Scale-Up
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Nuvia Q Anion Exchange Resin Product Information Sheet
Nuvia™ HP-Q Anion Exchange Resin Product Information Sheet, Ver B
Nuvia aPrime 4A Media Information Sheet
Nuvia™ cPrime™ Hydrophobic Cation Exchange Resin Product Information Sheet, Rev C
CHT Ceramic Hydroxyapatite Product Information Sheet, Rev B
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CHT™ Ceramic Hydroxyapatite XT Media Product Information Sheet