Everest Software Developer Kit (ZE5 Automation) #12009761


The Everest API & SDK (application program interface, software developer kit) allows the ZE5 Cell Analyzer to interface with existing automation systems.



Use the Everest Application program interface and Software developer kit (API & SDK) to integrate the ZE5 Cell Analyzer into automation environments.

Features and Benefits

  • The ZE5 API is an industry standard HTTP-based RESTful web service that is platform and language independent.
  • The ZE5 API solution provides all basic ZE5 functionality and many advanced features designed for automated environments.
  • It includes a fully functional API client test application, which demonstrates how automation scheduling clients can be implemented using status polling with a minimal amount of coding effort. Source code is included.

Product Contents

  • The API code is included in the Everest software.
  • The Everest SDK includes all the tools necessary for integrating the ZE5 into an automation laboratory:
    • Developer's Guide & Installation instructions
    • ZE5 Simulation software
    • A sample of ZE5 experiments
    • Sample software program
    • Source Code to the sample software

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