Flow Cytometry Antibodies



Comprehensive portfolio of flow cytometry antibodies that includes validated reagents, conjugation kits, application-specific kits, and matching isotype controls.
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Bio-Rad Antibodies

Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Select from over 11,000 primary and secondary antibodies and related reagents for flow cytometry, immunology, cancer research, veterinary, and other applications at Bio-Rad-Antibodies.com.

Search for high-quality flow cytometry antibodies using key parameters like target species, host species, isotype, and clone of interest. Additional search criteria include antibody specificity and format.

Find Flow Cytometry Antibodies

Antibody Conjugation Kits, Flow Cytometry Cocktails, and Reagents

Additional consumables include labeling kits to conjugate antibodies, proteins, and peptides, as well as species-specific dual-, triple-, and four-color reagents and apoptosis-detection kits.

Flow Cytometry Resources

In order to achieve optimal results when using your antibodies for flow cytometry experiments, browse the guides below for fluorochrome recommendations, tips for setting up multicolor panels, optimized protocols, and more.

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