iQ-Check Vibrio PCR Detection Kit #12006574



Pkg of 1, kit includes lysis reagent, fluorescent probes, PCR amplification mix, positive and negative controls. For a fast and accurate method to reliably detect the three main Vibrio species: Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Vibrio cholera, and Vibrio vulnificus
Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



Use the iQ-Check Vibrio PCR Detection Kit, an advanced, easy-to-use, and automated multiplex PCR method, to reliably detect the three main Vibrio species. For food testing laboratories in the seafood industry and service laboratories.

This test can be run in parallel with other iQ-Check Assays on the same plate.

Features and Benefits

  • Detect the three main Vibrio species (Vc, Vv, Vp) in a single well
  • Reliable results in 8 hr
  • Get less false positives with our free DNA removal solution
  • CFX Manager™ IDE Software is easy to use and simplifies run set up
  • For high throughput, use the iQ-Check Prep System, a robotic liquid handling platform performing DNA extraction and PCR plate setup
  • Kit contains 96 tests, sufficient for processing 94 samples with positive and negative controls in a single run

Product Contents

  • Lysis reagent for DNA extraction
  • Fluorescent probes
  • PCR amplification mix
  • Positive and negative PCR controls

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