CIP10-M Air Sampler



The CIP10-M Air Sampler is a compact, portable, standalone device for on-site collection of aerosol samples for Legionella testing by PCR.

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The CIP10-M Air Sampler is a compact, portable apparatus for in situ collection of aerosols created by water systems, used for the subsequent detection and quantification of microbiological contaminants such as Legionella spp. Bacteria are collected in Aquadien Lysis Solution within the sampler, and then are used directly with the Aquadien Bacterial DNA Extraction and Purification Kit. The purified DNA can then be used directly with iQ-Check Legionella Real-Time PCR Kits or other real-time PCR analysis.


Aerosols from water sources contaminated with Legionella spp. can cause lung infections through inhalation. Potential sources of contaminated aerosols include man-made water systems such as recreational pools and warm water systems. Cooling towers, in particular, produce a high volume of aerosols.

To sample the local air, Aquadien Lysis Solution (3578125) is placed in the cup of the compact CIP10-M (Personal Microbiological Pollutant Sampler). The rotating cup has horizontal blades in the upper part, which generate an airflow by a centrifugal fan effect. A low pressure area is generated by the friction of the air on surfaces including the vertical surfaces of the liquid in the cup. This area of low pressure directs the airflow in a helicoid movement towards the collection liquid, resulting in living cells being gently placed on the fluid.

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