CIP10-M Air Sampler, 220 V #3593084



Pkg of 1, aerosol collection device, 220 V



Use the CIP10-M Air Sampler, 220 V to collect aerosols to screen for, or quantitate, microbial contamination. The sampled aerosol is collected in Aquadien™ Lysis Solution in the device. The lysis solution is then processed with the Aquadien Bacterial DNA Extraction and Purification Kit and can then be used directly with iQ-Check®Legionella Real-Time PCR Kits or other real-time PCR analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and portable for easy measurement of local air
  • Evaluate aerosols around any water source
  • Reusable; the cup and the collection head are sterilized with an autoclave (15 minutes at 120°C recommended)


Use in conjunction with iQ-Check Legionella Real-Time PCR Kits is AFNOR/ISO validated by AFNOR Certification according to the NF T90-471 and ISO TS 12869 standards.

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