SARS-CoV-2 Variant Assays for ddPCR and RT-PCR Selector


Use the Variant and Gene filters to select single-mutation assays for a SARS-CoV-2 variant of interest or mutliple-mutation assay panels for a specific group of variant-associated mutations. More Information >>


Showing 70 Assays

Nucleotide Mutation Amino Acid Mutation ddPCR Assay RT-PCR Assay
S477N_T478K Not available qSC2Mut0020233
H655Y dMDS756294649 Not available
S477N dMDS132328032 Not available
G339D dMDS682550858 Not available
T547K dMDS546396945 Not available
N764K dMDS761081950 Not available
D796Y dMDS837638261 Not available
N856K dMDS900687606 Not available
LPPA24S dMDS737327537 Not available
T19I dMDS555254149 Not available
S704L dMDS136340835 Not available
Not available qSC2Mut0020220
Not available qSC2Mut0020223
D3L dMDS357586786 qSC2Mut0020204
S235F dMDS440038136 qSC2Mut0020205
T1001I dMDS337202764 qSC2Mut0020200
A1708D dMDS139995162 qSC2Mut0020198
I2230T Not available Not available
SGF 3675-3677 deletion dMDS375805449 qSC2Mut0020199
Q27 stop dMDS684178543 qSC2Mut0020201
R52I dMDS217054602 qSC2Mut0020202
Y73C dMDS360594022 qSC2Mut0020203
HV 69-70 deletion dMDS944624402 qSC2Mut0020193
Y144 deletion dMDS429435076 qSC2Mut0020197
N501Y dMDS731762551 qSC2Mut0020219
A570D dMDS853545728 qSC2Mut0020191
P681H dMDS847708889 qSC2Mut0020194
T716I dMDS468536809 qSC2Mut0020196
S982A dMDS869413688 qSC2Mut0020195
D1118H dMDS605463947 qSC2Mut0020192
N440K dMDS514195527 Not available
N440K dMDS894386716 Not available
Not available qSC2Mut0020232
P71L dMDS660665257 qSC2Mut0020216
T205I dMDS759245237 qSC2Mut0020213
T265I dMDS501248615 qSC2Mut0020212
K1655N dMDS360434193 qSC2Mut0020210
K3353R dMDS867807078 qSC2Mut0020211
Q57H dMDS290356659 Not available
S171L dMDS413789282 qSC2Mut0020215
D80A dMDS275239390 qSC2Mut0020207
K417N dMDS817055273 qSC2Mut0020209
E484K dMDS661453998 qSC2Mut0020208
E484Q dMDS407172175 qSC2Mut0020221
A701V dMDS717219297 qSC2Mut0020206
Y449H dMDS514710681 Not available
T859N dMDS603660596 Not available
D377Y dMDS154696058 Not available
T478K dMDS189046990 qSC2Mut0020222
P681R dMDS696550979 qSC2Mut0020225
T95I dMDS827497197 qSC2Mut0020229
D950N dMDS752667135 qSC2Mut0020230
L452R dMDS983315944 qSC2Mut0020218
W152C dMDS204963366 Not available
A12G dMDS265730582 Not available
Q677H dMDS530720961 Not available
K417T dMDS673301504 qSC2Mut0020217
V1176F dMDS767776914 Not available
D63G dMDS955512631 Not available
T19R dMDS657809058 Not available
F490S dMDS614146070 Not available
L452Q dMDS837383308 Not available
R346K dMDS351104554 qSC2Mut0020231
Y145N dMDS670659197 Not available
T859I dMDS972893553 Not available