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The Bio-Rad Explorer education program presents myriad live training events for educators. For upcoming and recent past events, visit bio-rad.com/ExplorerEvents.

Below are a selection of past recorded webinars.

Date Title Duration
May 23, 2012 Designing Instruction to Support the Revised AP Biology Course
This webinar will provide an overview of the changes to the AP Biology curriculum, labs and exam, examples of adapting your favorite activities to the new framework, and new resources for professional development and sample exam questions.
74 min
Sept 28, 2011 Implementing a Skills-Based Biotechnology Program
The process of developing a biotechnology education program at your school is one that can take on many forms. One strategy that has been successful is to base the program development on skills that are utilized in the biotechnology industry. A skills-based approach is best implemented when the skills can be clearly identified and assessed by both teacher and students.
55 min
May 11, 2011 From Industrial Enzymes to Cancer Therapy — Protein Purification is Essential
This webinar shows you how easy it is to teach the core process of protein expression and purification using the clear and concise modules in the Protein Expression and Purification series. Give your students hands-on experience and the confidence they need to work with proteins. The scalability of this affinity purification process ensures that techniques and content can be adapted to match the goals of protein educators from basic lessons to an advanced college level course.
91 min
Sept 29, 2010 Grant Writing — A Toolkit-Based Approach to Starting a Biotechnology Program
Interested in bringing biotechnology into your classroom? Whether you're planning to begin with a few labs in your biology classroom or planning to create a complete course in biotechnology, this webinar is the perfect place to start. Targeted for everyone from the novice to the experienced grant writer, this session will provide you with the tools you need to immediately apply for a grant. Abstract
60 min
Apr 21, 2010 Enzyme Kinetics — A Biofuels Case Study
As a case study for enzymes and factors that affect enzymatic reactions, biofuel production is a hot topic that connects many big ideas in both biology and environmental science. Looking at enzymes in this light allows us to explore enzyme activity and use a hands-on lab exercise to teach about enzymes. Abstract
60 min
Oct 14, 2009 Discover Real-Time PCR for the Classroom
This webinar presents an overview of what real-time PCR is, what it is used for, and how it works. Abstract
60 min
May 15, 2009 Proteins — Where DNA Takes on Form and Function
Electrophoresis of proteins is similar to electrophoresis of DNA, but there are many differences between protein and DNA molecules including composition, charge, size, and variability that must be addressed to separate proteins by size using electrophoresis. Abstract
60 min
Aug 10, 2007 From Singleplex to Multiplex: Making the Most Out of your Real-Time Experiments
Real-time PCR, a powerful advancement of the PCR technique, quantitates the initial amount of a template with more specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility than any other method. Abstract
30 min