Real Talk about Real-Time PCR


October 25, 2023
Leigh Brown
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) has become a household name. But in the decades before the COVID-19 pandemic, it enabled researchers to monitor cellular activities and environments to revolutionize scientific knowledge. In this webinar presented in partnership with the NABT, Leigh Brown discusses the history, innovation, and applications that make qPCR a core technique in laboratories around the globe.

The topics explored include:

  • Wastewater surveillance to track transmission of infections
  • Gene expression studies for screening and profiling
  • A peek into how high schools have used qPCR in independent research projects

Speaker's Biography

This webinar was presented by Leigh Brown, a Curriculum Training Specialist at Bio-Rad Laboratories. A former biology teacher, Leigh also has a background in virology research and in her role at Bio-Rad, she helps teachers implement biotech labs into their courses through hands-on training and personalized curriculum support.