Revolutionizing Cancer Detection: A Workshop on ELISA Techniques


January 18, 2024
Leigh Brown
Bio-Rad Laboratories

In the quest for early cancer detection, understanding tumor-associated markers is crucial. This webinar explores the revolutionary world of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and its application in identifying and validating new tumor-associated markers. Discover how this innovative technique provides a less invasive and more effective means of detecting cancer in its initial stages.

Webinar highlights
  • ELISA fundamentals: delve into the principles of quantitative ELISAs and their pivotal role in medical diagnostics
  • Antibody-antigen interactions: use a paper model to teach antibody-antigen interactions and gain insights into the specificity and sensitivity of the ELISA method
  • ELISA workflow: step through the ELISA workflow, from sample preparation to data interpretation, and understand how each stage contributes to accurate cancer diagnosis (uses the ELISA Immuno Explorer Kit)

Speaker's Biography
This webinar was presented by Leigh Brown, a Curriculum Training Specialist at Bio-Rad Laboratories. A former biology teacher, Leigh also has a background in virology research and in her role at Bio-Rad, she helps teachers implement biotech labs into their courses through hands-on training and personalized curriculum support.